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  1. Well done Jenson in the points only three behind Alonso shame he got a penalty.. a lot happened in the race and you benefited from it. a good result

  2. It really is great news for all your fans another year maybe 2 prove to all the doubters wrong

  3. Hi Jenson

    Fantastic news JB, absolutely thrilled that you will be driving for McLaren in 2016 πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :-). Trusting in McLaren Honda to give you a car that will allow you to fight for another World Championship.

    Kay x

  4. Hi,
    I thought that there was a real chance of a point or two in Suzuka, but it was not to be & so on to Sochi. I wonder how much the rumour/ counter rumour about Jenson’s future is affecting him?? I know he’s a true professional and will try to ignore it, but it has to niggle at the back of his mind…
    I am taking my wife to the Grand Prix weekend for her birthday, we have both been die hard fans of Jenson since the start of his F-1 career.
    Could you tell me, if possible, would Jenson be doing a meet & greet with fans?
    The reason I ask is to hopefully get a photo of my wife standing with Jenson… it really would make her a happy camper!!

  5. Rose Jenson does not want to drive for another team I hope he stays at McLaren I think Alonso may be a bit miffed that he left Ferrari now he sees what Vettel has achieved with them

  6. Time has come for you to look for another drive Jebson. McLaren have treated you badly with cars that are cr.. Ron Ds interview today by Suzie Perry – be careful – he has as much loyalty to you as a snske to a little mouse!!
    You are too good a driver and decent human being to continue with McLaren – you will be snapped up by much better!!

  7. Your present feelings are understandable enough. However, as a fan of some years standing, your continued driving at McLaren would be so necessary & vital. The disappointments have been huge – for you & us! – but we’re with you all the way. The dream we all aspire to is seeing you back on the podium, and the grit we all know you have will put you back there, where you belong. Stay with us, Jens. F1 will be a lot poorer and a lot less exciting without you & your fighting spirit & dedication to the sport.

  8. I was disappointed with the last race…

    I was hoping that you would have been called in for a pit stop with 3 laps to go for a fresh set of tyres so you could have a go at the fastest lap! πŸ™‚

  9. Eric Boullier has told the press conference today they intend to keep Jenson for 2016. Good news for us fans Lets hope they keep their word

  10. I am angry after the quali today. The team is really in a bad place.

    If Williams want you back go to them!

    The issues an McSlow will not be resolved until the senior staff are gone.

    Williams have what you need.

    Go for it please. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Jenson

    Shame about the problem with the car on your flying lap in qually, you would have easily got through to Q2. Glad to see the car is showing improvements and great to hear it felt good to drive, and that you were having fun out there. Wishing you all the very best for the race tomorrow JB, hope you have a good one!

    Good Luck.

    Kay x

  12. A great fan of yours Jenson has had his dream of attending the USA Grand Prix smashed due to illness. I am looking to put something in place to ease his disappointment? Can you help?

  13. Hi Jenson

    Devastating to hear about the death of Jules Bianchi, a talented young man who was taken from this world far too soon. Condolences to his family and friends, my thoughts are with you, as they are with the world of F1, especially the drivers who new him so well and drove alongside him and of course all his colleagues at Manor, his F1 family. RIP Jules.

    Kay x

  14. Hi Jenson

    So sorry for your awful bad luck yesterday JB, really felt for you, absolutely gutted πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

    Kay x

  15. Hi Jenson

    Wishing you all the very very best for the race today, I know you will give it your all, as always, hoping that your car does the same! Tough times at the moment, especially disappointing at your home GP, but remember your fans are behind you 100%, no matter what happens.

    Good Luck JB.

    Kay x

  16. Hello Mr Button,

    How would I go about getting a signed photo from you for my best friends birthday?? Is it a possibility??

    She is a massive fan of F1 and goes to Silverstone religiously every year with her partner.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Many thanks Liz

  17. Jenson, we are all hoping that your car makes it to the end of the race at Silverstone. We will be in the crowd supporting you from Club A stand – look out for us we will be the ones with the British flag with your name on it and a pink ribbon attached in memory of your wonderful dad. Good luck whatever happens we will be supporting you as we have done since your first race all those years ago. Stay positive it will all come good in the end.

  18. Hi Jenson

    Another disastrous weekend JB, things could not have gone any worse for you, but as always you were brilliant at keeping team spirit up. Relief that both Fernando and Kimi were ok after their awful crash. I hope you have a change of fortune at Silverstone in a couple of weeks, I know how much it means to you to put on a good show in front of your home crowd.

    Kay x

  19. the day could not have been any worse JB lets hope it all goes smoothly at the British GP See you at Goodwood FOS

  20. Hi Jenson

    Good luck for what is going to be another long and difficult race tomorrow, made worse by all the mechanical penalties you’ve incurred (not fair that the driver should have to suffer so much when its not their fault). Keeping everything crossed that the car makes it to the chequered flag.

    With you all the way JB!!

    Kay x

  21. Hi Jenson

    Another terrible weekend for you so far, I hope that today will be a different story. Wishing all the very best for what is going to be a long and difficult race.

    Good Luck JB, I fear you are going to need it!!

    Kay x

  22. Makes you think where JB would have been if Rosberg had not got yellow flagged during quali. Well done pity Fernando did not finish so well done

  23. Hi Jenson

    Great to see you in the points today, a positive step for the team, I know getting 4 points is not where you want or deserve to be but at least it’s a start. You drove a good solid race and it’s encouraging that the car had pace this weekend, lets hope it continues in Canada in 2 weeks.

    Well Done JB!

    Kay x

  24. Hi Jenson

    Such a shame you missed out on Q3, you were on a great lap, damn yellow flag!! Wishing you all the very very best for today JB, hoping to see you up in the points, with you all the way as always.

    Good Luck!

    Kay x

  25. Not too bad JB 12th with luck on your side you should be able to get some points tomorrow

  26. Hi Jenson I hope practice goes well and there are no problems with the car

  27. Hi Jenson

    Another terrible day at the office JB, and just when we thought things might have been looking up, but at least you did get to the end of the race, something to be positive about!

    Kay x

  28. Q2 the next step is points lets hope it all goes to plan tomorrow good luck JB and Alonso

  29. Hi Jenson

    At least both cars got into Q2 and you are slowly moving up the grid! Hope the car has more pace in the race tomorrow and that you are able to get into the points. Wishing you all the very best JB, hope you have a good one.

    Good Luck.

    Kay x

  30. Hi Jenson

    Congratulations on finishing the London Marathon in such an impressive time, hope your McLaren can do the same in Spain in 2 weeks, big ask I know!!

    Well done JB.

    Kay x

  31. Well done Jenson on your new PB in the London marathon 2hrs 52.30 and raising lots of money for Cancer research You are the man

  32. Hi Jenson

    What can I say, torrid weekend from start to finish, so disappointed πŸ™ You did make me laugh on the track parade though with Johnny Herbert, he asked you “what is your aim today, to make it to the end of the race”, to which you answered “no to make it to the start”, but sadly it was not to be. Stay positive JB and keep smiling, the only way is up!

    Kay x

  33. Hi Jenson

    One word, GUTTED!!! I hope lady luck is shining down on you tomorrow, I fear you are going to need her. Will be keeping everything crossed that you have a good race.

    All the best JB.

    Kay x

  34. Kay , I agree lets hope they can both in in the top ten Jenson in front of course and hopefully they can both get some much needed points

  35. Hi Jenson

    I hope all the terrible woes of free practice are the last you will see this weekend so that you can have a trouble free qualifying session and more importantly a trouble free race. Will be interesting to see what your race pace will be. With you all the way, as always JB.

    Good Luck!

    Kay x

  36. A disasterous start to FP1and FP2 lets hope tomorrow brings better luck good luck JB

  37. Jenson held his hands up to the incident it was good fun watching the battle wjth Moldanado and the penalty could have been worse McLaren will get there and when they do it will be exciting

  38. Hi Jenson

    Glad the McLaren made it to the end of the race (with both cars as well). Great to see you getting stuck in with Maldonado, and making some very brave moves on a guy who is renowned for his mishaps. Unfortunately, it ended with a shunt, but quite honestly I think you can be forgiven for a very very rare error, I cannot remember the last time that you were involved in an incident that was your fault, you are the most thoughtful and honest driver out there with the skill to match. I think the penalty and the two points on your licence are very harsh, especially for such a clean driver as yourself.

    Looking forward to Bahrain next week, lets hope McLaren can take some positive steps forward.

    Kay x

  39. Hi Jenson

    Such a shame things didn’t go well in qually again, thought you stood a chance of being a bit further up the grid after the car seemed to have more performance in practice, but it was not to be. Wishing you all the best for tomorrow, hope the car performs better for you in the race, and of course you see the chequered flag!! Have a good one JB.

    Good Luck.

    Kay x

  40. Another bad quali Jenson lets hope your faith in the car comes good in the race GOOD LUCK

  41. Hope practice goes well tomorrow JB and you get a lot of laps under your belt GOOD lUCK

  42. The first time he has ever been last in a race But at least he got to the finish line sayting he had issues about 8 laps from home hopefully Honda can build on this as it was the first time it had done a full race lap run

  43. Hi Jenson

    So pleased you managed to make it to the finish line, and hey, things can only get better!! You had a great start and at least we saw you battling with Sergio Perez. Glad to see you staying so positive and I hope things will be much better for you in Malaysia.

    Keep smiling JB!

    Kay x

  44. Kay I agree at least he is in front of Kevin If there is trouble at the start Jenson has a chance of picking up points, and he should be able to overtake the new boys. Go JB do your best as always in a difficult position

  45. Hi Jenson

    So great to have Formula 1 back, weekends aren’t the same without it. Starting on the back row of the grid is so not where you deserve to be, but we all knew that it was going to be difficult after the lack of track time during a terribly difficult testing. Wishing you all the best for tomorrow, after the awful reliability issues you have faced with the car I just hope and pray you make it to the chequered flag.

    With you all the way JB!

    Kay x

  46. Mrs Jenny Winter
    1, Rattle Row,
    TA24 7QF
    01643 831567
    8th March 2015

    Dear Jenson Button

    I am Jenny winter, a cancer patient who has just started to use the mobile chemotherapy unit which visits Minehead on a wednesday, and other places around somerset during the week.It is named Bumble and makes a huge difference to patients, saving the travelling into Taunton for treatment.
    We are holding an auction of pledges on the 29th May 2015 at Minehead rugby club, the proceeds from the auction will go to the charity β€œhope for tomorrow” (bumble).With a donation to the Beacon centre at Musgrove park hospital.
    I am hoping that you may be able to offer a piece of memorabilia for our auction.

    Yours sincerely.
    Jenny Winter

  47. Good new about you and Jessica, wishing you both every happiness. Have a long and happy life together. The thought of Alonso dos;nt please not please us. you are a much better diver than him, they are not going to call the number 1 driver if they do it stinks We would to see you at Silverstone one year but we won’t being disable and in our later years we can’t see that happering, but are always with you. Good luck with Jessica and the future with F1 Love Mary Rayment xx

  48. Kay I agree with you Jessica is a natural beauty nothing false about her a good end of year for them both after the bad start with the passing of his Dad who I am sure was looking on from above

  49. Hi Mr & Mrs Button

    Jenson a huge CONGRATULATIONS on your marriage to the beautiful Jessica. I wish you both all the happiness in the world and all the very very best for a long and happy future together, you make such a wonderful couple.

    I know the day would have been tinged with sadness because your dad was not there to share your special day with you, but he would have been looking down on you and smiling to see you both so very happy.

    Congratulations JB.

    Kay x

  50. Jenson,

    I have been a huge fan of yours for many years, you truly are a great advocate for the sport and a brilliant driver! I’m finally going to silverstone next year to see you live, i hope that you can show the world that you should be regarded as highly as the likes of alonso and hamilton! I fully believe you will out score and out drive fernando next year… Because you are fundamentally better!! Dominate him JB and show him who’s boss πŸ™‚

  51. So glad you remain in F1. I have followed your career from the outset and believe you are the best I have seen since Jim Clarke. Please prove me right!

  52. Lewis may have won the title last year but was he the best driver?!

    Jenson, Ricardo, Hamilton, Bottas, Alonso or the Hulk?

    Lewis is British but he will never be supported like people support you as he is not a person I can empathise with… and he wears a baseball cap in a restaurants!

    We know that there are some drivers who are Gentlemen who do not cheat and you are one of the best ever examples but you are also a strong competative drive as you proved last year with some of the best on track battles we could wish for.

    Go show them again just how it should be done.

  53. V Hamilton you were an equal.

    In a good(ish) car you won the drivers championship.

    Vettel has 4 titles but was second best by a mile last season proving that he’s over rated!

    You are still one of the elite and if you’d only had better cars over the years you would have won many more races.

    I just hope Honda can produce an awesome engine and then it will be Button V Alonso for the title next year. Then we will finally see just how good you are.

  54. Hi Jenson

    Fantastic news, what a great day for F1, JB on the grid for 2015, things are as they should be, couldn’t be happier πŸ™‚

    All along I refused to believe that you would not be racing next year, so glad that I was right! Can’t wait for the 2015 season to get underway, great driver pairing, but Alonso will need to watch out because he is up against the mighty Jenson Button, it will be a brilliant season. Such a shame that it took McLaren all this time to work out what we knew all along, that you were the only man for the job!!

    Congratulations JB, you deserve it.

    Kay x

  55. I was a Damon Hill fan way back, and when he retired along you came Jensen to take over where he left off. I am glad that the powers that be at McClaren finally decided to give you another F1 drive for 2015 , what an asset you are for them, both on and off the track.


  56. Alan I agree the logical solution just why did it take them so long I will now still enjoy F1 as my favourite driver is still there and Kevin as test/reserve driver so there was no need for all this waiting

  57. Congratulations jenson button, no more than you deserve, glad maclaren came to there senses, hope you have a great season next year, you can show alonso how to drive, well done mate, there should never had been any doubt, I can now watch F1 again,I would have lost interest, if you were not driving, CONGRATULATIOS

  58. Hi Jenson
    Big congratulations on your drive for next season. Saw you at Spa this year – terrific. My 2yr old grandson is named after you. He loves watching the motor racing. Would it be possible to send a signed photo to Brandon Lodge. Gaydon. CV35 0HB. It would be very much appreciated. Good luck for 2015

  59. Heard the news on radio 4 early this morning. You have given an old F1 fan years of pleasure, so very pleased it has not ended. Best wishes and good luck for 2015 to you and yours.

  60. Congratulations on your new contract more than deserved !
    Good luck for the 2015 season,show Alonso he’s going to have to beat “you” before he can think about the title.
    Your dad would be proud !
    All the best Muskey

  61. The last comment was for some-one with a stupid name of panrucker probably to scared to put their real name wanting a reply from JB or telling every one this site is a sham

  62. Hoping you hear good news for next season! McLaren and in particular Ron Dennis are treating you cruelly! What a super ambassador you have been for them and in fact for Formula ! over the years. Remember the saying “GOOD NEVER COMES OUT OF BAD!”

  63. E-mail Mclaren asking them to keep JB i have written to Ron, Eric, and 4 of the board members, bombard them, let them know how we all feel and that we will not watch F1 anymore if JB is not on the grid after all without us fans there will be no F1 and they would not have jobs

  64. Thinking of you today fingers crossed it won’t be the same without you in F1 you always give the fans your time not every driver dose, I sorry won’t get to edinburgh to see you today one of these days I’m get you autograph I hope, best of luck on you upcoming weading you make a lovel couple

  65. Kay If you want a message sent to McLaren to keep Jenson e-mail me head it Mclaren and I will print it and send it, the stats are quali 10/9 to jenson races kevin has only beaten Jenson 4 times in 19 races. My e-mail address is further down this page

  66. Hi Kay I agree with every word you say I have got letters ready to post to the board members of McLaren asking them to keep Jenson they want him they just have to get past Ron Dennis let us hope when they vote it is for Jenson they will not win the WCC with Kevin he has only beaten JB i4 times in 19 races so to us it is a no brainer

  67. Hi Jenson

    You gave another superb performance yesterday, you got everything out of the car possible and came away with a great 5th place. Thanks to you, and you alone McLaren kept their 5th place in the constructors championship saving them millions of pounds (not that they deserve it after the appalling way they have treated you), but I know you will not see it that way, and it will mean a lot to you.

    I watched the pre and post race coverage on both Sky F1 and BBC1 and although there was a drivers championship being settled there was an enormous amount of focus on you, because everybody is of the same mind, that without a shadow of doubt you should continue to be driving an F1 car, not just next year but for many years to come.

    I found the interviews and features very emotional, especially the one on BBC1 with David Coulthard showing your journey through 15 amazing years of F1. You are such an incredible racing driver who is adored and respected by millions. You are a true gentleman, a true sportsman, a fantastic ambassador for the sport and the nicest guy that has ever been in Formula 1. I would also like to say that the way you have handled yourself through this terrible time is a credit to you and that your dad would be incredibly proud of you, just as he always was, but I also know that he would be furious at the position you have been put it.

    I still refuse to believe that you may not be on the grid next year JB, Ron Dennis says he wants to win a constructors championship and he wants the best drivers in his cars, well he already has the best driver in one of his cars, and if he cannot see that he is a fool. All we can do is wait with bated breath for the announcement from McLaren, until then stay strong JB and remember that we are all with you.

    Kay x

  68. Hello Jenson

    I can not believe your F1 racing days are over, Please can someone
    give this tallent young gentleman with such great skills in driving
    I ONLY wish I could do this but as I am disabled is not possible.
    I am very sorry about your Dad, i did not have a dad to look up to,
    but I had a wonderful Step-father he suddenly died at the age of
    52 years, it does get easier with time.

    Best wishes
    Happy Christmas
    Elizabeth Orchard

  69. No Jenson not watching F1 no more. If they put Alonso in as no 1 driver, that stinks, you are the no 1 you where there first. Not letting you know if you even have ride until Dec is;nt right you should have been told months ago not been left with not knowing.What is Ron D been thinking about ?????. you did good today at 5, Best whises for the future in what happen but not 2nd driver to Alonso it not right love mary xxxxxxx

  70. Hello jenson I’m hoping your get a drive for 2015 if not I’ve emailed Ron Dennis and told him I’ll never watch F1 again I’ve followed you since you started racing and your a great guy never fazed tell how it was and we love you we are both 68 no children and we think you are a gentleman to the sport. To us Ron Dennis is arrogant and rude.

  71. Hi Jenson

    Good job done in qually yesterday after such a bad start to the weekend, and even better now you have been moved up to 6th. Wishing you all the very very best for the race today, which I hope and pray will not be your last in F1. With you all the way and behind you 100%. Go show them how it’s done JB!!

    Good Luck

    Kay x

  72. Hello dear Jenson Button Esquire!! Sorry about all this silly bollocks of waiting these last weeks,not on in my view and you are worth a good deal more,sorry to use that word too!!! Sorry about your terrific dad and smurf apparent,I’d like to have achieved a pint at the Ship and C with you both and, full of pride at 2009 went there severally in 2010,an impoverished life making getting to Monaco a MASSIVE achievement, 09 twice then 10. I know you’re wonderful,an excellently slick and groovy driver,I even met my mate Sean back here with your hippy bus and little Honda, nearly we’ve met I suppose. Earlier this year my heart went to you strongly as you all attended Ste Devote, SAS and Charlene there too, lovely. I sent prayer then and send love via it still,an excellent conduit. Lots and lots and lots of love from this Monaco lover and hetero sexual,good and abundant healthy support all today and I most certainly shall wear my pink double cuffs and best stance for you today, after American Church,singing I shall watch and support, requesting proper respect for your presence in the motor racing community,in my thoughts here in London. I feel very proud of you and am glad you’re in the world. Andrew W

  73. Considering a bad Friday practice you did well today JB qualified 8th but will get promoted to 6th because Red Bull were disqualified for having an illegal wing so good luck for tomorrow

  74. All the fans on here should e-mail mclarenmedia centre and
    cc it to me and I will print them off and send them to McLaren. The more the better telling them we want Jenson next year in the Honda

  75. Jenson keep your chin up, you are a brilliant driver, if you had a better car, like Lewis Hamilton, you would be world champion again, the way maclaren are treating you is appalling , you are far better than magnussan, your points speak for itself, I hope you will be in F1 next year, if not, I will not watch again, your one of the top f1 drivers in the world, good luck , Alan Miell

  76. No Jenson No F1. Sorry if Jensons not racing we’re not watching it as simple as that, Good luck Jenson,it hope all work out.Be careful in the last race. Mary Raymentxxxx

  77. Peter Grey write or e-mail McLaren to ask them to keep Jenson I have They say they want 2 top class drivers so ir Alonso signs there is 1,Jenson would be 2 so could win the constructers next year Alonso and Kevin 1 top class driver and 1 rookie no chance you have to score good points to win the constructers so Alonso and jenson

  78. Good result JB 4th place was even better than you hoped and who was behind you Vettel Alonso and Kevin well done

  79. Kay thank you for writing to Mclaren . Alonso stated today that Jenson should stay in F1 he now has ,less 2points double what kevin has .it is not about money and if Honda want to win the constructers next year they need 2 good drivers who can score points so if for some mad reason they want Alonso them team him with Jenson

  80. Hi Jenson

    You drove a splendid race today JB and got a well deserved 4th place. It is fantastic to see the support that you are getting, not only from your fans but from your fellow drivers, the commentators and the world of F1 in general. It just goes to show what a well respected driver and person you are and it is great to see that your fellow brit Lewis holds you in such high regard, it must mean so much to you. We are all united in the fact that your place is in F1, you have had two really tough seasons and you deserve the chance to fight for another championship, you still have so much more to give.

    Kay x

    PS Barbara, yes I did.

  81. It does not matter how good he is tomorrow for some stupid reason Mclaren and Honda think Alonso will do a better job. He won’t do any better than Jenson would if the car works ok.

    But good luck anyway JB

    Did you write to McLaren Kay?

  82. Hi Jenson

    Well done in qually today, you did a great job, and guess who is behind you on the grid, Magnussen and Alonso!! All the very very best for the race tomorrow, I know you will give it your all, as always. With you all the way JB!

    Good Luck.

    Kay x

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