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  1. Barbara says:

    As I have said it needed all you Jenson fans on this site to write to McLaren it will be interesting to know how many like me did. So many people fans commentaters even Lewis said McLaren will be stupid to get rid of Jenson because I am sure Alonso will only do 1 year and he will be gone then McLaren will be stuffed trying to get another good quality Driver Alonso is not a team player

  2. nicky fox says:

    I think your a excellent driver and my most favourite in f1 and i hope so much to see you next year i think maclaren would be out of there mind’s to let you go i wish you all the luck for the future and the brazilian race will really miss you if you go I’ve being watching you for 20 year’s don’t know what I’ll do if you’re not there take care jenson xx

  3. Jenson Cruse says:

    Jenson, I met you at your first Monaco GP in 2001 (with my Dad, when I was 9 yrs old). You were on a yacht with friends after qualifying, and you came out and presented me with a signed copy of F1 Racing with you on the cover. My Dad named me after you after seeing you in a karting video in 1991…! You have been a class act in the sport since day one (proven by how nicely you treated me back in 2001). No matter what you do in the future, you will always be the No.1 star in the sport in my eyes. Best wishes always, Jenson Cruse

  4. Barbara says:

    kay Jenson will probably not be on the grid next year. Mclaren for some insane reason want Alonso he only wants a 1 year contract they are bribing him for more if he signs he will be gone in 2016 Jenson would sign a 3 year contract no problem because for some reason he wants to stay, ut as I have said you shpuld all write to McLaren asking them to keep JB and Kevin they will keep Kevin even though Jenson has more points utterly stupid. I will not be watching F1 if Jenson is not on the grid

  5. Kay says:

    Hi Jenson

    You drove a great race yesterday and got everything out of the car possible, you battled on and defended your place until you could do no more, giving us fantastic wheel to wheel action as always. I refuse to believe that you will not be on the grid in 2015, you are the complete package, a world class driver and nobody deserves to be there more than you.

    Kay x

  6. Barbara says:

    Jereon I do not think Jenson will be in Formula1 next year, the way McLaren are behaving is digusting, it looks likely that Alonso will be there and Kevin but Jenson is the beter driver cannot see any sense in their decision

  7. Jeroen Gans says:

    Hello Jenson,

    I’ve always been a fan of yours. Ever since your appearance in Formula 1. After yesterday’s race result I would realy like to cheer you up a bit by complimenting you on your F1 career so far.
    Your race performances on different wet track conditions are memorable and you seem to have an extra talent on controlling your car in these situations. Most memorable moments in your career to me are you winning the championship with Brawn in 2009 and your win in Canada 2011.
    I’m curious if you agree on this, or maybe have other personal favourite moment to remember.
    The most I like about you as a person – as far as I can judge by following F1-news and races on TV – is your friendly character and your sympetathic behaviour on and off track.
    Therefor I think you are a great ambassador for top sport and F1 in particular.
    Nevertheless I was pleased to hear your radio comment on the postponed pit call of the McLaren team After they withdrew their earlier call in favour of Kevin. Hopefully the team gave you an acceptable explanation after the race. It seemed you ventilated your feelings on a clear cynical way.

    Despite the fact that your car didn’t perform well yesterday, I noticed you remained aggressive on track and kept you’re fighting spirit up. It was a nice fair fight with Alonso in his Ferrari. My compliments to you on that.

    Because of your early pit stop in the race, during the first safety car situation, I became a bit worried about the length of your next stints. I wished to have seen you changing tires for the last 15 laps of the race. But that’s my opinion from a small perspective.
    Perhaps you could have ended the race in a stronger pace and even have some abilities to overtake in this last stint. Or did problem with the rear brakes spoil your chances on a better result too much? The last five laps of the race must have been very frustration to you. Especially because you informed the team about your car problems in a much earlier stage of the race. It was obvious that you struggled a lot to keep opponents behind you.
    Sometime it looks like McLaren in general decides too much for its drivers. But that’s spoken agian from my very narrow point of view. When radio traffic during the race can be overheard by fans, it seems to me that some other teams let drivers decide more on race strategy.
    I would like to ask you some things about your part in making race- and development decisions in the McLaren team. Hopefully you are willing to explain me something about the inside of these aspects.
    • Does your team always make the pit calls, or can you also
    decide to change strategy when you think its necassery?
    • Are you technical in control of most of your car-settings on
    track, or do you mostly have to depend on the team to make
    adjustments based on the data of the car they receive?
    • How big was your influence on the development of this year’s
    (or previous years) car(s) and the updates during the seasons?
    • Are the developments of a new F1-car also based on the
    personal driving style of the drivers (in case they have signed
    longer term contracts at a F1-team)?

    Anyway, I hope your fans (me included) can follow your F1 performances also next year in a McLaren-Honda. Hopefully McLaren confirms you and Magnussen soon as their racing drivers for next year. Although McLaren waits quit long to make a decision on drivers’ choice.
    Does that bother you in any way at this moment?

    Trusting on your persistent fighting spirit and hoping for your continuous personal motivation for F1, I hope you’re able to finish this season with some extra points added in the F1 rankings.
    Knowing that your life might be way too busy to answer me on my questions, I will at least wish you all the best in your personal life and and your further career. After all, I believe you’re still a young and talented guy who has lots of opportunities. Also in the years after F1.


    Jeroen Gans
    Dutch F1- / JB-fan

  8. Barbara says:

    What will all you Jenson Fans do next year if he is not driving in Formula 1

  9. Kay says:

    Hi Jenson

    Good job in qually Jenson, shame about the 5 place grid penalty though!! Wishing you all the very very best in the race today, behind you 100%, as always.

    Good Luck JB, with you all the way!

    Kay x

  10. maryrayment says:

    Jenson you can get the top step, you can do it We are with you all the way. Go Jenson go. Take care Mary xx

  11. Barbara says:

    How many of you Jenson fans have written to McLaren asking them to keep Jenson for 2015 and beyond. I have to Ron Dennis Eric Boullier and Mr Aria in Japan that is what genuine fans do
    Now to today hope quali goes welL JB get on the front row to compensate for your grid penalty everything will be crossed

  12. Lucy says:

    Hi! I’m Lucy! But nevermind that! Ill get straight to the point!

    Two things about my boyfriend, Mark. 1: He adores Formula 1 and admires Button considerably. 2: He spends the year buying himself presents (He often quotes, with mischievous pride, whilst opening Amazon packages, “This is to Markie: from Markie!”) To this end, there is no product unseen or un-bought, no gadget un-obtained and no present left available for his girlfriend to give him for Christmas.

    So I’ve thought outside the box. Please can you help a poor, loving, desperate girl in her time of need? Can I give Mark the gift of meeting his Formula 1 hero?

    In a shameless approach to persuade you…as I’m sure loads of people want to meet you, I will tell you of some of Mark’s good-doings and why he deserves such a special gift! He cycles to raise funds for Battersea Dogs Home; he volunteers in free local pantomimes for families who cannot afford the theatre; he is the first to help a mum with her buggy down the steps, or let someone with fewer items than him go first at the Supermarket till. He always gives buskers £1, and nothing less. He cuddles his mum in front of everyone to show how much he loves her. He always offers the first round at the pub and never expects anything back. When someone’s failed joke is met with silence, he’ll always chuckle just to rescue them, and you’ll never find that loner at a party sitting alone in the corner, because he always makes a point of going to chat to them. He constantly thinks of others, he goes out of his way to buy that fake bacon stuff when he goes shopping because our housemate is vegetarian, and last night made her a sandwich with it for lunch today.

    His presents to me are always so incredible! Last year he bought me and my parents Cirque du Soleil tickets at the Royal Albert, and all I got for him was a cycling book and GTA 5 🙁 . He is the most wonderful person you could possibly think of and I love him so so so much.

    Please help me give him the present he deserves and make this dream come true for him this Christmas.

    Yours, hopefully
    Lucy Gray

  13. Barbara says:

    Write to the address below as I said to Maryrayment

  14. Barbara says:

    Mary Write to Eric Boulier at

    McLaren Technology Centre
    Chertsey Road
    GU21 4YH
    Asking him to keep Jenson for 2015

  15. maryrayment says:

    Hi all. NO JENSON I will not be watching F1 The drivers should told if they have a place by now for next year so they can get other things worked out. The cars no good so its about time something was done about it.Were with you Jenson. The gent of f1. Take care we’re with you Mary xx

  16. Kay says:

    Hi Jenson

    A difficult day for you all I know, but you drove a splendid race again today, just as you did in Japan last week. The podium is getting ever closer and I really hope that we will see you up there before the end of the season. You are doing a superb job, as always and I am confident that you will be on the grid next year. You are a fantastic ambassador for the sport and a gentleman on and off the track, the world of F1 needs you and so do your fans.

    Well done JB!

    Kay x

  17. Barbara says:

    A great drive today JB on a very sombre day in F1 hope it is good enough for you to keep your seat for 2015

  18. Barbara says:

    Scott, What is weighing heavily on his mind is that he may not have a drive next season McLaren are treating the drivers appallingly my not letting them know if they are the drivers fos 2015. Jenson has been a loyaldriver even though the car has been terrible these last 2 years Eric Boullier told them you will win a race with this god awful car ,but it has not happened ye tbut Jenson may lose his seat to Alonso, why is anybodys guess . We will have to wait and see. No more F1 for me if he is not driving

  19. Scott Cranton says:

    Jenson, that was an outstanding performance today. Even with a car that doesn’t quite come up to scratch you are still up there. It appears that something is weighing heavy on your mind, whatever it is your fans are with you and supporting you all the way. Looking forward to seeing you a little more upbeat in Austin, and we are rooting for both you and the team.

  20. Barbara says:

    After a bad fp3 you did well in qualifying JB hope it results in a podium tomorrow

    all you JB fans write to Eric Boullier at McLaren asking them to keep jenson for 1 more year if you want to see him racing in2015

  21. Barbara says:

    Good practice today JB lets hope it carries through to qualifying.
    All you Jenson fans on this site should e-mail McLaren asking them to keep Jenson I will not watch F1 next year if he is not driving

  22. Barbara says:

    A good job done today JB lets hope Ron Dennis was taking note Honda will be absolutely stupid to let you go I for one will not watch F1i any more if you are not driving

  23. Kay says:


    Such a tragic accident for Jules Bianchi, my thoughts are with him, his family, friends and of course his fellow drivers and colleagues. A very sad day for Formula 1.

    Kay x

  24. Barbara says:

    jenson reckoned he could have got 6th or even 5th just rotten luck when he was doing so well

  25. Kay says:

    Hi Jenson

    You drove a brilliant race and then it was over, gutted!! You lost some well deserved points and we’ll never know if you could have finished further up the field. Here’s hoping for a much different result in Japan, a place that is so close to your heart.

    Kay x

  26. Barbara says:

    Such a shame you lost power and had to retire, some good points missed but at least the pit-stops were good. Lets hope you have better luck in Japan

  27. Kay says:

    Hi Jenson

    All the very very best for the weekend, a tough race for you the drivers but a fantastic race for us the fans. Have a good one.

    Go JB!!

    Kay x

  28. Barbara says:

    I think he will be at McLaren because I do not think any other driver will rush to join with an untested engine. Jenson is probably the only driver who wants to stay He is loyal and has driven for Honda before. the car is the problem not the engine

  29. maryrayment says:

    Jenson good luck, it’s starting to come together, this time There;s a place for you at the top you can do it. If your not racing next year we for 1 that will not be watch f1. Take it easy and be safe always. Good luck. Mary x

  30. Barbara says:

    P6 JB,good work have a great race tomorrow try for a podium finish. He will be at McLaren next year 2015 champion hopefully

  31. maryrayment says:

    Good luck for this weekend, we’re with you all the way.Get back in the points, if you can. What ever you do we will be proud of you, you come good to us. About all be safe. mary raiment x

  32. Barbara says:

    I agree with you no Jenson no more watching F1 and there are a lot of Jenson fans out there Bernie will not like it if viewing figures drop I have actyally written to Ron Dennis asking him to keep Jenson as it is not his fault where they are in the constucters table it is the bxxxxy car

  33. mike johnston says:

    If your current team want to poach Fernando, and, your contract expires this October, where does that leave you Jenson. If you leave I leave.

  34. Barbara says:

    Write to Ron Dennis at the MTC, and ask him to keep Jenson for next year ,I have and have yet to post it basically sayiny the same thing and that they will lose a lot of fans because we follow Jenson not McLaren

  35. Alan Miell says:

    Dear jenson, I cannot understand maclaren treating you so badly, after all you have Accomplished for them, after all you are a world champion driver, and you still have what it takes to win, it is not your fault that they have yet again given you such a poor car, they should be treating that end of there business, before blaming drivers, I will not watch maclaren ever again, if they do not renew your contract, good luck jenson

  36. Barbara says:

    I agree Kay, who else is ther to take his place McLaren these past 2 years are not a team any good driver would want to join. Jenson wants to stay and go with Honda so Ron Dennis should give him the chance.

  37. Kay says:

    Hi Jenson

    Great race JB, fantastic to see you racing in such precision wheel to wheel combat, you’re a joy to watch. Ron Dennis would be a fool to even think about letting you go!!

    Well done JB!!

    Kay x

  38. maryrayment says:

    Hi Jenson very well done, Your gettng there keep going sweetheart keep going. Mary Rayment xx

  39. Barbara says:

    I agree Maryrayment, it is the car, so give Jenson the chance to prove it With the right car he will shine and perhaps do a Canada 2011 he had a good car then and we all know what happened

  40. maryrayment says:

    jENSON good luck for this weekend Is this there any chance with Honda, its the car that no good not you. 2015 ? if there give you a chance you could be at the top again, that where you should be. We’re with you all the way. Mary x

  41. Barbara says:

    All you Jenson Button fans write to Ron Dennis at the MTC asking him to keep Jenson for 2015, give him a chance with the Honda engine as it is the fault of the car not the drivers he was ok in 2011 and 2012 because the car was better

  42. Barbara says:

    All you

  43. Matt Pinborough says:

    Hi Jenson, I’m not sure if you ever look at these comments. My family and I meet your dad on a yearly basis on our holiday at his favorite local pub. We all enjoyed every minute and especially my 10 year old son. What can I say! Such a great guy and always welcoming. I’ll be back there the 3rd week in August. Hope mclaren sort there car out a bit and Ron Dennis stays off your back. We all know the car & team matters just as much as the driver and your doing your bit. Good luck for the future

  44. Barbara says:

    Well done JB on your Ironman 70.3 result

  45. nathan pitt says:

    are you doing the Christmas lights again in frome

  46. Barbara says:

    Kay ,I agree a bad call then he should have gone onto soft tyres not mediums unless JB prefered them some good points lost. Glad he wore his pink for Papa helmet to celebrate what would have been his Dad’s birthday

  47. Kay says:

    Hi Jenson

    Gutted, you drove a superb race but were sadly let down by your team, so frustrating – a good result thrown away!! It was great to see you leading the race even though it was short lived.

    Enjoy the summer break JB!

    Kay x

  48. Barbara says:

    A good quali today JB lets hope a few cars flounder tomorrow GOOD LUCK

  49. maryrayment says:

    Good Luck for Sunday. We’re with you all the way. You can only get what the car will give, lets hope it feels like behaving it self. Still in pink, xx

  50. Kay says:

    Hi Jenson

    Wishing you all the very best for a good result this weekend, behind you 100%.

    Good Luck JB!

    Kay x

  51. nathan pitt says:

    It was lewis hamiltons fault it really was and congratulations

  52. maryrayment says:

    Good luck for tomorrow Jenson. Show them you are the best, we;er with you all the way. Go for it Jenson x

  53. maryrayment says:

    Hi Jenson Good luck for this weekend your getting nearer keep going. you were so near last race, this weekend you will be up there. Good luck fingers crossed. Take care. Mary xxxx

  54. Kay says:

    Hi Jenson

    Hope you get a lot of positive feedback from the final practice session tomorrow. Wishing you all the very very best for quallies and even more importantly for the race, hope you have a fantastic result. With you all the way JB!

    Kay x

  55. Barbara says:

    Have a great triathlon on Saturday and make lots of money for Cancer research Good Luck JB

  56. Barbara says:

    Have a great triathlon on Saterday and make lots of money for Cancer research Good Luck JB

  57. maryrayment says:

    Hi Jenson well done, more like it. You did well on Sunday. Keep it up. Pink was the colour your dad would have been over the moon so many remembered. Lisa as you in her sitting room I hate to tell you. Your in the bedroom, my husband put up with a lot. Good job we are in our 70s Sorry about that to much information haha When you get to our age every things a is a blessing. Always take care Mary x

  58. Lisa Horner says:

    Hi Jenson.

    I’m a huge fan of yours, and have been for years. I have a large 50″ x 40″ picture of you driving for mclaren that takes centre stage in my living room at home. (Alongside other ‘lesser’ Formula One memorobilia. 😛 )

    I am coming to spa this year, which is one of my favourite circuits. I will be there on the Thursday for the pit walk and autograph session. I’d really, really, really like an autograph from yourself to finish the picture off nicely. Unfortunately, It’ll be too big for carrying around the circuit searching for you. But if I do see you there, would you mind signing a piece of card for me so that I can insert it into the picture and make it truly one of a kind?

    I cannot attach a picture of the photo hanging on my wall on here, but if you reply to my email I’ll gladly send it to you.

    Many thanks, good luck for the rest of the year. Here’s hoping for a finish at spa similar to that of 2012! (I was there to cheer you on! )

    Love Lisa x

  59. Mark says:


    I just learned of the passing of your father. I thought I’d pass along a story of your dad. My hair dresser (LOL!) assistant and I were chatting about F1 a while back and she mentioned she had met your dad when she was a waitress in Abu Daubi (sp?) a few years back. She went on an on about how nice a man he was and how he was such a gentleman. I was very impressed. Best wishes to you and your family.


  60. Barbara says:

    I agree one more lap and Jenson would have caught Ricciado but he got decent points ,lets hope it carries on in Germany in 2 weeks

  61. Kay says:

    Hi Jenson

    Superb drive JB, you got everything out of the car, as you always do. So close to a podium finish, but sadly it was not to be. Your dad would have been so proud of you today, as always, and you did your country proud.

    Well done JB.

    Kay x

  62. Amy says:

    Hi jenson!

    Mine and my dads first time at the Grand Prix today for qualifying! And wow, congrats on the 3rd position for tomorrow (we will be there cheering you on in pink!!) only down side is we didn’t get to meet you! My dads your biggest fan!! You are such a talented driver and a very genuine person! You deserve all the luck in the world for a podium finish tomorrow!! Drive your heart out like you always do!

    Best wishes!

    Amy x

  63. Kay says:

    Hi Jenson

    Fantastic qually JB, 3rd on the grid, brilliant. Wishing you a superb race tomorrow, to see you up on the podium at Silverstone would be amazing. Britain is proud of you – go JB!!

    Pink for Papa!

    Kay x

  64. Barbara says:

    Way to go Jenson 3rd on the grid I told you your Dad was sitting on your shoulder in my poem I sent you pity you did not get it before the Monaco GP good luck for a podium tomorrow

  65. maryrayment says:

    Pink is weekend is the only one to wear. Good luck on home ground, points are Important but your good health is more important. Do your best and stay safe Were with you all the way

  66. Kay says:

    Hi Jenson

    Wishing you the best of British for this emotional weekend at Silverstone, but whatever the outcome you will always be our Champion. Love the pink crash helmet, a great tribute to Papa Smurf and I will definitely be wearing pink on race day!

    With you all the way JB!

    Kay x

  67. maryrayment says:

    Good luck for this weekend Jenson. Pink will be the colour. Home ground home crowd all behind you. Go Jenson go. x

  68. Barbara says:

    It is not the car it has the speed and with Petronas fuel it would be 2 secs faster perhaps that is why Mercedes will not agree to MaClaren having the fuel ,,it is scared they would get beaten
    There wre a lot of pink for Papa shirts at Goodwood FOS so lets hope the colour pink inspires Jenson this weekend
    Go JB

  69. maryrayment says:

    Total agree cars not good enough. Jenson good luck Hopefully next years the car will be changed and you;ll have a car that keeps going. Put you back on top Keep smiling kid

  70. maryrayment says:

    Total agree with what you said the car isn’t good enough.

  71. Barbara says:

    I spoke to a McLaren person yesterday at Goodwood FOS and he said Mercedes are the problem because McLaren are going over to Honda engines next year they are not getting all the data and if they could use Petronas fuel they would be 2 secs quicker

  72. Ian Penter says:

    I understand that you received offers from other team owners before the new season began and couldn’t understand why you didn’t take one of them. You are now receiving criticism because of poor performances when you are driving an inferior car. The boss of McLaren is now criticising you for not doing better when it is his car that is not doing better. I believe that if you were driving for Mercedes you would be leading the drivers table. Why didn’t you leave while the going was good, why should a driver as good as you put up with a car as bad as this. I remember your interview on Top Gear when you said that the money was secondary to winning a race. Please tell McLaren to either provide a proper car or shut up criticising. If you get any offers after this season please take one.

  73. Madalaine Mason says:

    Dear Jenson
    My husband is a huge F1 fan and you are his number one driver!
    My husband had the chance to meet you in Bahrain before the season started. You signed a poster for him and to be honest this is one of the best things that has ever happened to him. It’s always the talk around the table and he often shows the poster off too.
    My husband turns 40 on the 27th of July 2014 and I was wondering if I could purchase a signed shirt or t-shirt from you.
    It would make his birthday!
    Many thanks for your time
    Mrs M Mason

  74. maryrayment says:

    Barbara. Yes it was a bad day and no points. It was a good day in the fact he got all round, and not hurt. That was a good day. It’s his car that need work on with what evers wrong with it

  75. Barbara says:

    maryrayment you must have watched a different race, it was a bad day for JB. Jenson finished 11th you do not get points for that. lets hope it gets better at Silverstone

  76. maryrayment says:

    Good on you Jenson back in the points it may be slow going but your getting there. We wish you luck for the next race. Get the fixed and you can be on the UP. It’s always the car. Rest up now for the next. As always Good luck Mary Rayment.

  77. Kay says:

    Hi Jenson

    Wishing you all the very very best for the race today, hope its a good one, you deserve it.

    Good Luck JB

    Kay x

  78. Barbara says:

    Hi JB wishing you good luck on your return to Austria. go well in Quali and go get em in the race

  79. maryrayment says:

    Hi Jenson good luck for this weekend, get back in to the points. You can do it, we’re all backing you here, all my family call for Jenson, but I think I am the one that jumps up and down. GOOG LUCK JENSON.

  80. Jill Day says:

    Hi Jenson
    Hope the bee sting is healing!
    My grandson Lee and I are big fans of yours and of F1, he is currently ill with Hairy Cell Leukaemia and is being treated at Southmead Hospital, Bristol. He is a great guy, happily married with a young family. Could you please email me a photo? Preferably signed and with a message to Lee if poss.
    Best of luck for Austria. Many thanks Jill x

  81. Barbara says:

    Well done Jenson passing Alonso and Hulkenburg on the same lap was brilliant 4th place was great you got some dcent points, Lets hope it carries over to Austria

  82. Kay says:

    Hi Jenson

    Fantastic race yesterday and you drove brilliantly. I could see from the timings on the screen that you were making great progress in the closing stages, unfortunately we did not see your moves because of all the action at the front. It’s great to see you in action, so such a shame we missed out. Great that you had a car you could do something with, lets hope this continues, can’t wait to see you win a race again!!

    Well done JB.

    Kay x

  83. maryrayment says:

    Jenson, Jenson, Jenson, 4th brill. Wonderfull race. Your heading the right way. Keep going, you can do it. Maybe 2015 they my just get car right for you Mary Rayment

  84. maryrayment says:

    Jenson we all with you. Your the gent of the same as D C . Racings is you thing and you will come back,nobodys giving up on you. Just keep safe. Best luck for tomorrow, keep smiling Mary Rayment

  85. CLIFF says:

    Hi JB – late congratulations for your Brawn championship and hopefully McClaren will put something underneath you soon that will make it happen again !!! To be a bit cheeky, can I send you my Brawn baseball cap for signing and dating please ???!

  86. Barbara says:

    Tell Joe that Jenson eats properly he eats steak, sushi allsorts and tell him JB will not be happy with him if he does not eat. It may work for you. sometimes Jenson puts pictures on his Twitter page what he has eaten look at that

  87. Matt Doyle says:

    Oooppssss dyslectic fingers, i guess the clue is in the site name!!!

  88. Barbara says:

    Matt, it is Jenson not with an e
    JB have a rest tomorrow and give it your best shot on Qualifying Good Luck

  89. Matt Doyle says:

    I am wondering if you can help me please, my son Joe, loves his karting(we race in the local ‘open GP’ every Sunday night) and you are a hero of his.
    Joe is 15 and autistic, since christmas he has developed anorexia, i think in a response to a throw away comment from me about ‘the lighter you are the faster you go’, joe’s BMI is now down to 15, he eats hardly anything and is exercising excessively.
    Would it be to much to ask for you to drop me a line with some words of advice surrounding your diet/excercise regime and what a good BMI should be for a racing driver.
    I am hoping that some advice from an ‘authority/hero’ will help pull him back from what is very destructive behaviour.
    Many thanks

  90. Kay says:

    Hi Jenson

    So sorry for another bad day at the office JB, keep your chin up, things can only get better.

    Kay x

  91. Barbara says:

    Another bad day JB Hope McLaren get the car sorted soon

  92. maryrayment says:

    Jenson you are best.Has a driver and person Life will still be on the low side your dad is still there and always will be just as long as you want him to be, after he’ll still be there. All the best for tomorrow.

  93. Barbara says:

    Not a bad position JB you can achieve some good points from there Good Luck

  94. Barbara says:

    Your lovely Papa passed away
    It was a total shock
    He will be with you every day
    Because he was your rock

    He will be with you always
    No matter what you do
    he will sit upon your shoulder
    And take good care of you

    He is your guardian angel
    To guide you through your life
    Private or professional
    He will keep you out of strife

    You are a special person
    You stand out in a crowd
    you were his very loving son
    You made him very very proud

    RIP Papa Smurf

  95. Barbara says:

    Not too bad in the first 2 practice sessions lets hope you can get a good quali and a great race finish good luck JB

  96. maryrayment says:

    Jenson you are the best, Aways will be

  97. Kay says:

    Hi Jenson

    Well done yesterday JB, you drove a good solid race, shame the car didn’t have the pace. Looking forward to next week in Bahrain, hoping there will be some upgrades that will get you back at the front of the pack where you belong.

    Kay x

  98. Barbara says:

    Not a bad race JB you got decent points. 4th in championship 1 point behind Alonso.Roll on Bahrain

  99. Kay says:

    Hi Jenson

    You drove a brilliant race and got a fantastic result in Australia and McLaren top of the Constructors!

    Here’s hoping for a dry race tomorrow, as car not performing so well in the wet. Wishing you all the very very best, would be great to see you up on the podium. With you all the way!!

    Good Luck JB.

    Kay x

  100. JB says:

    Podium Finish Looks Likely

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