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Welcome to the Jenson Button Message Board and Fan Site. If you would like any info added or removed please email

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  1. Barbara says:

    Well done Jenson after a bad start to finish 7th in 2nd practice

  2. Alan Miell says:

    Maclaren , see sence keep Jenson, get rid magnussan, jenson your best bet, give him a good car next year, all the best jenson, Alan Miell

  3. Alan Miell says:

    Just wishing you all the best, you are a brilliant and fantastic, driver , great drive again on Sunday, with all you have done and achieved for maclaren, and with the amount of points you scored, maclaren would be nowhere , it’s about time they give you a good car go to drive, no one else could of achieved what you did, with such a poor car, glad you one Interpoll award, get rid of magnussan maclaren, and keep jenson yours sinc Mr Alan Miell Bristol

  4. Alan Miell says:

    Dear jenson, great drive again today, glad you won inter pool award, I hope maclaren see scence and award you next years drive, you are by far better than magnussan, and with the amount of points you scored, maclaren would be nowhere, you and alonso, will be a great partnership, not that alonso is any better than you are, good luck jenson, you are a fantastic driver, and I wish you every succes, Mr A Miell , Bristol

  5. Andrew Pike says:

    A win this weekend cement no 1 Status

  6. Gill Barry says:

    Hi Jenson , We are coming to watch you in manchester on the 29th august .My dad is a big F1 and Jenson button fan it will be his 70th birthday any chance he could meet you thanks Gill

  7. mike kilbey says:

    Hi Jenson, me again,is there any chance of sending a signed photo?. It would be most appreciated. Mike.

  8. Richard Beards says:

    Hi Jenson
    I live in Perth, Western Australia and I’m coming over to the Melbourne GP in a few weeks time to see you win the Aus GP!! (I’m a Pom living in Aus)
    My oldest and dearest friend Neil Rodgers, lives in the UK and he is obsessed with F1 and you as a driver in particular, he used to be a very talented Karter and has supported you for many years and seen you race on a numerous occasions from early days in karts to F Ford, F3 and F1. Unfortunately Neil is 56 now and although he always been a fit man and led a healthy life, he now has terminal cancer, it started in his oesophagus and has since spread to his lungs, liver, stomach and now spine, he will not be with us much longer, months – maybe weeks. I travelled to the UK just after Christmas and he is not good, although he tries to put a brave face on it and remain positive. So that’s the sob story, I’m sure you get piles of them, but trust me this is a genuine one, so how can you help? Would you have time to somehow send him a short message, either just a best wishes by email or…could I meet up with you for 5 mins in Melbourne (Friday, Saturday, Sunday or early Monday) and film a short personal message on my video camera, I know this will be difficult but it would make a dying man very happy

    Kindest regards

    Richard Beards

  9. Mike says:

    Missed Jenson in Sandwich last week filming the Walkers crisps commercial! How can I get him to sign some pictures?

  10. sam says:

    hi jenson , its great to see your mclaren car, with number 1 on !

  11. sam says:

    hi jenson ive bought your book .my championship year. today its a fantastic read and i love the photos. luv you loads xxxxxxx

  12. martin says:

    Jenson, we would like you to show your face a bit more in the UK and get more press as we alL want you to win Sports Personality of the year, because no one deserves it more.

  13. ruthe barosa dias says:

    hi jenson mi name is ruthe i from brazil!!!!!!!voçe foi otimo. campeão parabens espero que um dia visite o brazil, voçe e lindo beijos

  14. colin says:

    Don’t panic jensen, you’ll do it “nae bother” as we say in glasgow! What is the best pub in Frome to watch the last race? Any other fans wanna meet to see him lift the title?

  15. sam says:

    hi jenson good luck in monza. fingers crossed for a pole and win ! luv you loads …

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