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Lewis Hamilton will be stronger than ever in Canada, says Jenson Button

By on May 30, 2014 in Professional with 1 Comment

Hamilton has lost his championship lead to Nico Rosberg
The Mercedes driver feud raged on at the Monaco Grand Prix

Formula Ones rowdy circus rumbled out of town on Monday, leaving Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg behind. It felt like a crowd scrambling out of the way of a western shoot-out. They could settle this in private, without anyone else getting hurt.

Mercedes drivers Hamilton and Rosberg both live here, of course, not that they will be socialising before the Canadian Grand Prix on 8 June. Were living in the same building, Hamilton said on Sunday night, looking relaxed after his earlier traumas. People say that were best friends, but we arent. We havent been since we were 13 years old. I say hi to him and he says hi to me. We dont have lunch together. We dont have dinners. We are cool.

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