Messages to Jenson Button 2012/13

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  1. Hi Jenson
    Our daughter Kara has just had a career change she is with L.V.M.H. (Tag Herur) which I know you are an ambassador for.
    She will be 30 on the 2nd November and would be thrilled to get a birthday wish from you. She is an avid follower of you and the F1 team.
    Thank you in anticipation Janette 🙂

  2. Hi JB thanks to Kimi you move up one place on the grid 7th and on the clean side GOOD LUCK

  3. Hi Jenson,
    Here here Kay, Jenson is a true sportsman and an inspiration to us all. Very sorry that the car is such a big disappointment to you all, after the high of last years final race. We all just hope it can be sorted out quickly into a race winner.
    Best wishes,

  4. Hi Jenson

    What can I say, so sorry for your very bad day at the office, this really was not the way the season opener should have gone for you. What have McLaren done, where is that race winning car? Hate to see you so downhearted, but despite this you still stayed a true sporting gentleman, not getting in a huff or throwing your toys out of the pram like other drivers I could mention. You really are a great role model and a great ambassador tor the sport .

    Try and stay positive JB and lets see what Malaysia brings at the weekend. Praying that McLaren can pull something out of the bag!

    Kay x

  5. Hi Jenson,
    Sorry that quali was a mess today, but a super lap on inters on a slipery track, from the rain master. Hope tomorrow is better weather in quali and the race.
    Best wishes for both, show them the way home, superstar.
    Go for it JB, best wishes,

  6. Not a good day today so lrts hope the car is sorted redy for free practice 3 and quali. GOOD LUCK

  7. Hi Jenson

    Sooo excited, its that time of year again, time to go racing. Sorry that the first and second practice sessions didn’t go so well, not what you want at all. Tomorrow is another day, lets hope that you are happier with the car for the third practice session and qualies and even more importantly for the race on Sunday. You have terrific form in Australia and hopefully this year will prove to be the same. Praying that the car will be as great as the driver behind the wheel. All the very very best JB, with you all the way.

    Fingers crossed that it will be your day down under for the fourth time and that we see you up on the podium. Good Luck, go JB!!

    Kay x

  8. Hi Jenson,

    My husband (and me) are massive fans of yours and my husband has always watched the F1. He met you last year when you were in Birmingham at the autosport show he won a meet and greet with you and your dad was there too he loved it!! It’s my husbands birthday next week and was just wondering if he could have a signed card off yourself he would love it and would be such a surprise to Him. Good luck in the first Australian Grand Prix I know you will do well. Go button.

    Thank you

  9. Hi Jenson,

    I know that you are asked this a lot but I thought I would try,

    This year my boyfriend turns 30 and I am surprising him by sending him to Silverstone for the F1 weekend. He and his brother are massive F1 fans but they have never been able to go before. They have both been fans of yours for as long as I can remember and followed your career. It would make the perfect present if they could meet you over the weekend or if I could get something to give to him to remember the whole weekend and birthday.

    Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated and I wish you the best of luck this season.

    Kind Regards

  10. We are getting married in April, wanted to know if you could please please write a letter of good luck or congratulations to my other half please, he will love it, been to the last 3 Grand Prix and camped out at slivers tone and even called our son Jenson

    Please contact me as u should have my email on private if not please tell me how to contact u

  11. I’m a massive Jenson fan. I’ve got a 1 yr old son named Jenson. I’ve just had another son an named him Mclaren. Massive fan always wanted t go to f1. Any chance ov a ticket or sum hospitality for silverstone this season ? Good luck in oz Jens. Hope to hear from u. I’d send u pics if I knew wer t send them wid their Jenson and Mclaren caps on.

  12. Hi Jenson,

    I write to you in a plea on behalf of my dad

    My dad had always followed formula 1 and inparticularly yourself. From an early age he took an interest and even built his own rally car which he raced himself.
    My dad has never had it easy and we very nearly lost him in 2006. Since then he has had many medical conditions, some of which will now hold on to him for life. 3 weeks ago he lost his mum very suddenly. Since then he has become very withdrawn, this is not my dad and i would very much appreciate him back! As im sure you can imagine.

    Please do not read this and take notice out of pity, this is not by any means my intention. My dad will be attending the formula 1 this year (2013) in the uk. Would it in any way be possible for him to meet you? I understand you are a very busy chap and we are just another email. This would be a complete surprise to my dad and I’m sure would make him smile after many long months.

    Any kind of response would be fantastic. Via email obviously!

    Thanks kindly 🙂

    Gemma kirk

  13. Will be in Jerez tomorrow to watch the testing Best of luck with the season ahead. GO RED 5

  14. Good luck with pre season testing JB don’t drive toooo fast you will scare the opposition go red 5

  15. Hi Jenson

    Can’t wait until the 2013 season kicks off in Australia, have missed F1 so much. I watched the unveiling of the new MP4-28 yesterday, she is a beauty, I hope she drives as good as she looks. Hope testing goes well next week and that you have a fantastic car to carry you to your second World Championship, nobody deserves it more than you.

    All the best JB, bet you can’t wait to get behind the wheel!

    Kay x

  16. Watched the unvieling this morning the car looks beautiful glad to see it hasn’t got a stepped nose GO GO GO for 2013

  17. Hi, jenson
    would you please sign a picture for my little bro his name is jenson too and hes one of them?
    and my adrdress is 1401 pebble court, odessa,texas, 79761

  18. Hi Jenson. Sergio reckons he is going to beat you to the championship this season, in his dreams

  19. Just thought Jenson might like to know that he’s illustrating the correct use of an English word on an Apple app (Angry Words Cool Word of the Day). The word is ‘insouciance’ and I can see what they mean – they obviously think he’s hyper-cool. They also use Lily Cole to illustrate ‘marmoreal’ and if you like insouciance you’ll certainly like marmoreal!

    I think Jenson’s used as an example here because he’s a great champion. You don’t have to have won a bunch of championships to be a great champion, you have to have to be able to honour the position you’ve won. Look at Senna, Schumacher, Alonso, Vettel and Hamilton – great drivers, but all flawed champions. Look at Jenson, Graham and Damon Hill, Jackie Stewart and Jim Clark – these are great champions no matter how many titles they’ve won, guys you could hold up to your kids as examples to model themselves upon.

    Anyway, that’s enough from me. Here’s to your second World Championship in 2013,


  20. Hi Jenson

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you are enjoying a well earned rest. Just want to wish you, Jessica and your families a very Happy New Year. I hope that 2013 will be a fantastic year for you, on and off the track.

    Best Wishes.

    Kay x

  21. Hi Jenson,
    Congratulations on winning the Autosport Competion driver award,again!, totally deserved.
    Also the more I think about your win in Brazil, the more impressive it becomes, to do speeds of we are told 190 MPH in the wet, on slick tyres, is amazing. It is all the more amazing when nearly every other driver is on inters, truly a superb drive, one that must rank as the best of the season, it does with me for sure.
    Best wishes,

  22. Hi Jenson

    CONGRATULATIONS on a spectacular, and well deserved win. It was so great that you started the season with a bang and then ended the season with an even bigger bang. It was an absolutely fabulous race to watch, action all the way. You drove a superb race from start to finish, it really was you at your best, man and machine in perfect harmony. You really are a first class World Champion!!

    It was a shame that Lewis was not up there on the podium with you for your final race as team mates and of course the fact that McLaren missed out on 2nd in the Constructors Championship. You and Lewis were a great partnership. Really enjoyed the tooned yesterday, so glad that it will be back next season.

    Congratulations once again JB, have a fantastic break. Weekends won’t be the same without F1, can’t wait for the 2013 season when we all go racing again!

    Best wishes

    Kay x

  23. Hi Jenson,
    Hearty congratulations, best race ever, fantastic win, really deserved after the season you have had this year. This was edge of your seat stuff for us watching, cant think what it was like for you ! Loved the overtaking, just a super race from a true champion and sportsman. Enjoy the break.
    Best wishes,

  24. Congratulations JB brilliant job you read the weather well a great way to end the season cannot wait for 2013 Enjoy your holiday

  25. Great result. Have a good rest JB,and lets get back to the podium in Australia 2013.

    Thanks for giving my family great sportsmanship during 2012. Go well JB.

  26. Hi jenson fantastic race you.are the best and to me always will be well done .thankyou for giving us such good racing ,what a wonderful end of the season for you and us , I can’t wait to watch you again next year ,loads of love to you ,enjoy your break .sue xx

  27. Hi Jenson

    Congratulations on a fantastic quali result, front row of the grid, brilliant. Hope you have an amazing race and bring the car home at the front of the pack. See you on the podium, top step I’m sure, go JB!!

    Good luck, all the very best!!

    Kay x

  28. Hi JB brilliant quali P2 your best since Belguim hope you finish on the top of the podium 1st and last wins would be fantastic GOOD LUCK

  29. Hi jenson great practice today perfect you and lewis .good luck for tomorrow ,you can do it ,the car seems in great shape for you , I would like to see you lewis and alonso on the podium after the race .I will be glued to the race tomorrow with my fingers crossed .

  30. Hi Jenson,
    Fantastic quali, you getting front row is just great news for final race, thank you for entertaining us all year in your own good humored way, win or loose. Just hoping that tomorrow is a win, which you so deserve for being a super sportsman in every sense of the word.
    Good luck and very best wishes.

  31. Hi Jenson

    Just to wish you all the very very best this weekend for the grand finale to the 2012 season. Glad to see that the car has good pace in the 1st and 2nd practice sessions. Hope tomorrow goes even better and sees you topping the time sheet and more importantly getting a fantastic result in qualies. Hope you have a superb race on Sunday in what is set to be a fantastic last race.

    Good luck JB, but most of all stay safe!!

    Kay x

  32. Hi Jenson,
    Fantastic drive in Texas, just a shame you had to start where you did, through no fault of yours. Really was some super overtaking moves. I just hope the car holds together for the last race this year, so that you can end on a high.
    Your the star, just need the car !
    Stay cool,

  33. Hi Jenson,
    my husband is a BIG fan of F1 racing and you are his favourite driver. I have bought him tickets to Siverstone 2013 for Christmas and would love you to send him a Happy Christmas message, it would just make his day and mine! his name is Rob.
    Thanks for making a sunday afternoon tv viewing so exciting.
    All the best always
    Sam Johnson xxxx

  34. Jenson fantastic drive in US at the weekend some of those overtaking moves where brilliant hope the race this weekend goes your way and you end this year with a victory ,lifelong fan since you had your first race at Willliams you are a great advert for F1.
    Best wishes.

  35. Hi Jenson

    Such a shame you had more reliability issues in qualies, 12th on the grid, definitely not where you should have been. Come race day you had a difficult start on the dirty side and ended up in 16th place, but hey what a race, you were on fire. A brilliant race, and most of the thrills and excitement were created by you with some awesome overtakes. It is fantastic to watch a true World Champion drive with such precision and not forgetting great respect for the other drivers, unlike Schumacher, who showed no respect for you at all. Well done for a well deserved 5th place, you could not have done any more than you did.

    Can’t wait until next weekend for the Brazilian GP, praying that you have no more reliability problems so that we can see you battling up front for the win.

    Well done JB, superb drive!!

    Kay x

  36. Hi jenson you had a fantastic race today we were with you all the way ,well done .to pass as many cars as you did what great moves ,very impresive , thanks again for giving us great racing .look forward to watching you in brazil. X sue jeal

  37. Bad luck again in quali JB and you say it isn’t easy to overtake is this Mr Tilks forte ,designing circuits like this it is supposed to be a racing track, but try and keep away from any chaos at the front (if any ) and hopefully get some decent points. GOOD LUCK

  38. Hi Jenson I have just watched the practise for the american grand prix , I really feel for you ,hope the car is good for you tomorrow . I back you all the time .I love f I and you are my favourite . My husband and I went to the monaco grand prix this year which was brilliant it was my husbands birthday gift from me . We will be glued to the race tomorrow and wish you all the luck in the world . Love sue. Ps. I would love a sighned photo

  39. Hi Jenson

    Really looking forward to this weekend in Austin, should not only be a really exciting race for us the fans but more importantly for you the drivers. Hope your practice sessions go well and that the car really suits this new circuit. Wishing you all the very very best for a great qualifying result and a fantastic race. Hope to see you back up the podium, where you belong.

    Good Luck JB, have a brilliant weekend!!

    Kay x

  40. To Donatella Mckenzie The Tooned DVD’S will be on sale , go to the McLaren shop and you will find them they are hilarious

  41. To sir/madam

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    8 Waverley close
    BA11 2EU

    Thanks very much for your time

    Jamie Smart

  42. Hi Jenson

    Sorry that the car was not working for you in quallies, but well done on starting from 5th place, we know you can do great things from there. Was thrilled when Vettel got demoted to starting from the pit lane, although I don’t think he should have been allowed to change the set-up of the car, that does not seem fair. He must be the luckiest driver in Formula 1, he starts at the back, gets damage to his front wing, hits a DRS sign, does a 2 stopper and still manages to get into third place. The safety cars really played into his hands, in the second stop going from being 9 seconds behind you to being right up your exhaust. You did a sterling job of keeping him behind you for 9 laps, but with his fresher soft tyres in the end you were powerless to stop him getting past, but well done, you also prevented him from catching Alonso.

    Well done on your 4th place finish, but I know that you will be disappointed that you did not make it onto the podium this year. You drove a brilliant race even though you had no real pace in the car.

    Lets hope you have a car that is worthy of you for the final two races. Looking forward to the new circuit in Texas, should be another exciting race.

    All the best JB.

    Kay x

  43. Hi Jenson
    My boyfriends name is David Ogier we live in Guernsey and he is a huge fan of yours. He has watched all of your races. For Christmas i’m getting him a model version of your car and i was wandering if i could bother you just for a quick email to say Merry Christmas to him i think it would be such a great surprise and would make him so happy.
    Anxiously waiting for your reply
    Ellen Dorey

  44. Hi Jenson,
    Our grandson Bertie Hinde will be 7 years old on the 24th November and has just started kart racing in Mallorca where he lives. We have bought him the Haynes book foreworded by you – Karting for beginners – (2nd edition). We would so appreciate it if you could send us a signed photograph to give him with the book. He loves F1 and it would make his day. Many thanks. Richard and Judy.

  45. Hi Jenson, I am 63 and bet that I am your greatest fan EVER! No one is allowed to ‘phone nor ring my door bell while the F1 is on. I think that you are a fantastic driver and know that you will win another championship. I watch all practices and hope to meet you one day. You are my hero. Will the ‘TOONED’ cartoons be available on DVD at the end of the season as there are great fun. Good luck for all your future drives. Go get ’em! Fondest regards Donetta

  46. Hi Jenson,
    Fantastic practice sessions, hope you can get similar results in quali today, so best wishes as car and you are really flying now.
    Best wishes,

  47. Hi Jenson, it’s our dads 80th on Dec 1st, he is a big fan of yours. We have some surprises lined up, and to put icing on the cake, it would be appreciated if you could send him a greeting. His name is David Nicholas, if you can send a message, we are trying to one read out at the Millennium Stadium at the Wales v Australia game. Hope you can help :0)

  48. Hi Jenson

    Hope you are encouraged by the good pace of your McLaren this weekend in the first two practice sessions. Have another good practice tomorrow and a great result in quallies, front row of the grid would be fantastic. Really looking forward to the race on Sunday at this stunning track, you have been on the podium for the last 3 years, lets hope its the top step this year. All the very very best JB, go show them how its done!!

    Kay x

  49. Hi JB, will always be your fan and please respond to me! I’m only 11 and you’re my hero! Good luck in Abu Dhabi and try to avoid contact! All my family and friends are behind you!!!

  50. Hi Jenson

    What a start, what a battle, fantastic, great to see 3 World Champions in wheel to wheel combat and even better that you were the one who came out on top, superb racing. Great to see that the car came alive at the end of the race on the harder tyres, and brilliant you stole the fastest lap off of Vettle on the very last lap, well done, at least everything didn’t go his way!! Sorry the bits in between were disappointing for you on those troublesome soft tyres, especially after that amazing start, really thought you would be on the podium, but as we all know too well, that’s racing!!

    Looking forward to next weekend in Abu Dhabi, lets hope you can knock Vettle off his perch

    All the best JB.

    Kay x

  51. Hi Jenson,
    Fantastic start, gripping wheel to wheel stuff on the first lap. And great to get fastest lap. Really good to see you having fun and enjoying your racing, we all enjoyed watching.
    But it was a shame lewis had to have his little winge afterwards about, if I had been in Jensons place( on the first lap ) I could have been on the podium, well you were not so grow up.

  52. Hi Jenson,
    Super result in quali,second row is an excellent place for you to do one of your lightening starts !
    Really good chance for you to the same as last year or better still win. Have a good race, please don’t get knocked off or have any mecanical failures, we want you to finish !!
    Best wishes,

  53. Hi Jenson

    Just wanted to wish you all the very very best for the coming weekend in India. Hope the 3 practice sessions go well and that you have the perfect set-up. Hope you have a fantastic qually result followed by a superb race.

    Good Luck JB, with you all the way.

    Kay x

  54. Hi Jenson,
    Best wishes for tomorrows practice in the Indian Grand Prix, should be fun for you as I think you like this circuit.

  55. Hi jenson,i just wondered if you would send a text,or email,or anything at all to my man,for his birthday on 13th november,Hes been obsessed with you since you started and we suffer sulks and bad moods when things go wrong for you.We would always run a competition every year when it was on BBC and ITV but to his devastation it went to SKY and we cant afford to have that,so it kills him not having every race on each time.Highlights are just not the same!!It was the one thing he loves more than anything,and hes been through so much in the past few years including cancer,it would be so amazing if you could send him a message of any kind!!??We were going to pay for him to go on one of those experiences so he could drive an F1 car or very similar,but last week he seriously hurt his back and now he is in lots of pain.I understand if its impossible,but thank u anyway!!!sarah

  56. Hi Jenson

    So very sorry for the horrendous weekend you had in Korea, absolutely gutted. What with missing out in qualies because of the yellow flag and then having your race destroyed by Kobayashi, it just wasn’t your weekend. You had a flyer of a start and what with the sets of new tyres you had available and the good chances of overtaking I thought you were destined for the podium, but then disaster struck!! Kobayashi certainly went from hero to zero, such a lack of respect from some of these drivers.

    I know you will put this behind you and come back fighting for another win in India in two weeks.

    Best wishes JB.

    Kay x

  57. Hi Jenson,
    Gutted about what happened in Korea, when will these drivers learn you dont win a GP on the first lap? I thought DRS had sorted out that problem, but some have not got the message yet! It is very understandable you were not happy with Kobiashi, what can you say….
    There should be a points table for bad driving leading to a race ban for persistent offenders a drive through does not always seem enough.
    Best wishes,

  58. Not your weekend Jenson!

    Answer – Put it behind you and move onto Japan!

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  59. Hi Jenson

    Race weekend is here again, fantastic. Wishing you the very very best for a brilliant weekend in Korea, hope your next practice session goes well and that you have a great result in qualies and an even better one on race day. Hope that the car matches up to its driver and takes you to another superb victory.

    Oh, and Lewis really should get his facts straight before he opens his mouth or puts fingers to the computer. Its about time he grew up!

    Anyway, Good Luck JB, have a good one!

    Kay x

  60. Hi Jenson,
    Best wishes for practice and then quali for this weekends race, just hope your next team mate has a more mature outlook on life and a better team player.
    Good luck and best wishes,

  61. Hi Jenson

    Another superb drive from yours truly. What a cracking start, from 8th to 3rd in a matter of seconds, brilliant. You drove a fantastic race, such a shame that you didn’t get on the podium, another lap and I’m sure you would have done, but still a great 4th place finish. Looking forward to another great race in Korea at the weekend, can’t wait!!

    By the way, keep forgetting to mention how much I love the McLaren Tooned series, great fun! Look forward to seeing the next installment.

    Well done JB!!

    Kay x

  62. Hi Jenson,
    Brilliant drive,edge of the seat stuff, just not the result we all wanted. Sometimes we can work so hard at something and it just does not happen, I think this was one of those days,other times things just fall into place.
    Not suggesting that Grand Prix racing is ever easy, but it is exciting, thanks to drivers like you.
    Best wishes ,

  63. Hi Jenson,
    Well done for 3rd quickest in quali, afraid I missed it had balloon ride, but shame you had penalty, even so you beat your team mate, which shows you are well on the pace. As you say the car has good race set up and with your race craft we all look foreward to a good podium finish.
    Good luck and best wishes.

  64. Hi Jenson

    Great quali result JB, such a shame for the 5 place grid penalty, especially here in Japan in a place that means so much to you. I really don’t think the drivers should have to take a penalty for a gear box replacement, seems so unfair!! Hope you have a great start tomorrow and manage to take back some places and then have a fantastic race. Behind you 100% as always.

    All the best JB!!

    Kay x

  65. Jenson both me and my wife are fans of yours and would like to wish you good luck in the next race please could you send me signed pic of you for my wife
    many thanks

  66. Hi – my husband had the pleasure of travelling alongside you to Japan – thank you very much for signing cap. To stop the kids from arguing ….. I’m having it!!! We’re all big fans, our sincerest best wishes for the rest of the season.

  67. Hi Jenson,
    Just heard about the Sunseeker, fantastic, did I ever tell you how much I like boats!! lol.
    Hope you enjoy it, a lovely peice of marine engineering and British made, fly the flag.
    Best wishes,

  68. Hi jenson,although I’m not a big mclaren fan I do like to see you do well in f1. For the 2013 season I would love to see you teamed up with Paul di resta. Instead of mr Hamilton.would you ever consider driving for (my chosen team to follow) the red bull team

  69. Jenson,
    Congratulations on a well earned second place on Sunday, very good to watch, lightening reactions on the mock restart- fantastic ! I see your good nature has yet to rub off on some of your rivals, lol.
    Can’t wait for Japan.
    Best wishes,

  70. Hi Jenson

    Congratulations for a superb second place finish, well deserved, you drove a fantastic race (as always). I know it is a tough race for you guys but it was a great race to watch, thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next race in Japan, you drove impeccably there last year resulting in a fantastic win, here’s hoping you have a back-to-back win, especially as Japan is such a special place to you.

    All the best JB!

    Kay x

  71. congratulations on finishing second today Jenson, thoroughly deserved. You have the support of most us Brits especially my brother and I! Thank you for being such a role model and a genuine nice guy! It is my brother Thomas’ 21st birthday in January, and I was just wondering if you would consider sending him a signed autograph, he cares so much about me and I would love to get him a gift he would treasure forever, because he idolises you! Although if you dont have time I completely understand. Keep up the good work at Mclaren, Behind you all the way!

  72. Hi Jenson,
    Second row is still good for this circuit and with your skill and strategy a podium is very possible, more so with 2 hot heads in front of you, just keep out fo their way, lol.
    Best wishes for the race Jenson.

    Thank you for your kind words Kay.

    Regards Elton.

  73. Second row Jenson you can get on the podium from there if nothing goes wrong with the car GOOD LUCK

  74. Here, here Elton, I could not agree with you more!!

    Hi Jenson

    Really looking forward to the race this weekend. Singapore is one of my favourite races, a fantastic race for the fans but a very long and gruelling race for you the drivers. I want to wish you all the very very best for the weekend, you certainly deserve another front row start, especially after the bitterly disappointing retirement last time out where you drove another superb race. So have a good one from start to finish, will be with you all the way.

    Good Luck!!

    Kay x

  75. Hi Jenson,
    I’m sorry that you had another infamous Mclaren retirement through no fault of your’s, you were in a solid second if not better, a great shame. But what really made it for me is the way you waved and greeted the fans at Monza, even when you must have been bitterly dissapointed, well gutted really. To have the good sportsmanship to acknowledge the crowd shows what a sporting person you are, not like some drivers who winge on, make excuses or generally throw their toys about .
    To be a great world champion they have to be a great sportsman and a good driver. Thank you for being an excellent role model for us all.
    Best wishes,

  76. Hi Jenson

    What can I say. So sorry for the retirement yesterday, such a shame and very frustrating for you. You drove a superb race with second place all wrapped up, possibly a first place, but sadly it was not to be. Happy for the McLaren win but unfortunately it was on the wrong side of the garage. Lets hope its a different story in Singapore in 2 weeks.

    All the best.

    Kay x

  77. Hey guys! after five gin and tonic i could look like funner :)! If you want to have a beer in town till you’re here! waitress irene

  78. Hi Jenson,
    Best wishes for todays quali, same again will be ok, keep the pressure on the rest !
    Have a good day.

  79. Hi Jenson

    Really looking forward to Monza this weekend, a repeat of last week would be brilliant. So all the very very best JB hope you have another fantastic weekend and most importantly that you have another superb race.

    Good Luck!!

    Kay x

  80. Hi Jenson,

    Great win, brilliant drive at Spa. Best of luck for the rest of the Season.

    Kind regards
    Rob & Sue
    South Africa

  81. hiya jenson what a fantastic race you were amazing well done keep up the good work from all of us from FROME xxx

  82. Hi Jenson,
    Fantastic drive and result, just what the doctor ordered. To lead from start to finish, just fab and very much deserved. Best wishes for Monza!

  83. Hi Jenson

    CONGRATULATIONS JB, you reigned supreme in Spa, you dominated the weekend from beginning to end. You drove an absolutely amazing race, you were untouchable. Fantastic to see you on the top step of the podium, it certainly is where you belong.

    Can’t wait for Monza next week, to see you do it all over again.

    Well done JB you were awesome!!

    Kay x

  84. Dear Jenson, I’d just like to congratulate you on your first pole position for McLaren, this result put a smile that stretched from ear to ear on my face! So thank you, supporting you from the moment you stepped foot into that Williams back in 2000! JB Forever!

  85. Hi Jenson,
    Fantastic start to second half of the season, you dominated quali and just to rub it in went even quicker for a superb pole position. Best wishes for the race, have a another fantastic day.
    Regards Elton.

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