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  1. Mr Button.
    Hi my name is Wayne and I would love you to do one thing for me if possible
    I have a dear friend coming to Dubai to watch the Formula One and you.
    I am asking you to try and find Mark Priestley to say hello as he has had a bad couple of years. He had a bad accident at work that broke his back in a bad way. This is why I am sending this in the hope you read this.
    He had not been married long to stacey and have a boy called Lenny at 34 wen it happend he had all there lives to look forward to.
    This is a treet to him self and Stacy in Dubai and lenny. Can you FIX IT FOR ME?
    All The best in The neer future xx

  2. Hi Jenson

    I would just like to wish you a belated Happy Birthday for the 19th, hope you had a great day. I am sorry I could post before your birthday, but my internet has been down and I have only just got it sorted. I would also like to say that I am so glad that as McLaren’s (and THE) No. 1 driver you get to test drive the new silver bullet first. Hope McLaren have designed a car that is as fantastic as its driver.

    Looking forward to the 2012 season, can’t wait!!!

    Kay x

  3. My Mother and Father in law are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary in March, They are big fans and I am asking if it would be possible to send me a photo with a message saying something like

    Happy 50th Wedding anniversary to Islwyn and Venetia so we can read it out during their party

    If this is possible please can you send it to:

    Phil Roberts

    14 Iscoed




    Thanks and good luck for the future


  4. Hi jenson
    your my favourite f1 driver I never miss a race!
    I am going to silver stone to watch a race so I hope to see you there.I will be wearing my jenson button McLearn t-shirt and Vodafone cap.
    Also congratulations on the new McLearn deal
    The best of luck for this season
    Love Harriet

  5. Jenson, first of all well done on last seasons efforts and good luck for the forthcoming season!

    I, together with 5 of my colleagues, have entered the London 2 Brighton 100 km challenge, which we aim to complete in under 24 hours. We are undertaking this monumental challenge to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support (Reg No 261017), a charity which aims to provide respite care to those suffering with terminal cancer, and their families.

    Each team member has paid their registration fee for the organised event, and must raise a minimum of £375 each for our chosen charity. We aim to raise at least £4000 for this worthwhile cause. In order to maximise our fund raising efforts, we are planning to hold a charity auction event at our base in Fareham, on 4 Apr 2012. To that end I would like to request your assistance.

    Would it be possible for you to donate an item for the auction event? I understand that you more than likely receive many requests similar to this, but I implore you to make a donation. From previous experience, I know that even a signed photograph can raise a substantial amount for charity, even though it costs relatively little to produce.

    I would also like to offer people on this site the chance to donate to this worthwhile cause. We have a dedicated team site on ‘justgiving’, the address of which is

    Many thanks in anticipation of your kind assistance.

  6. Hello
    I hope you dont mind me contacting you, but I am trying to do something for my brother in law who has just been diagnosed with termanal cancer. He has followed formula one for many years and has been to many of the tracks around england to watch various races.
    It would be great if may be one of the team could perhaps send him something to try and wish him well, he starts his treatment very soon, and I just know it will boost him just that little bit. I look forward to hearing from you & wish you all the very best for the future.

    Regards Jo Noble.
    Sister in law to Peter Heath

  7. Hi Jenson,happy new year to you all. great 2011 season and looking foward to the 2012 fun and games! Good working with you this year, and hope to do some more this. Best regards, Matt the lookalike.

  8. Of course Jenson, you dont know us but thankyou so much for being a gentleman in all areas, i and so so many others are so proud of you,,, amazing really i man i havent met that i am so proud of.
    Happy New Year,,, Keep Safe.

  9. Hi Jenson here is a Poem I wrote about your win at Montreal last Season, Hope you like it :-

    Life is Fast but F1’s Faster,
    And Vettel is the Current Master,
    He’s Young, He;s Quick, He’s really Good,
    Seems hewn from some Teutonic wood,
    He really makes his Red Bull go,
    This Petrol Head Pinocchio.

    But what of all his Racing Peers,
    He often leaves them in arrears,
    Sometimes a few can match his Pace,
    And then he has a close fought Race,
    Too close for Comfort some can be,
    And then he drives quite Raggedly.

    And such a Race was Montreal,
    Seb nearly stuffed it in the Wall,
    Just three short corners from the end,
    Our Jenson passed him round the bend,
    The chequered flag waved for JB,
    For Driving so Tremendously.

  10. Hi Jenson, firstly want to thank you for a fantastic years racing and to send best wishes to you for the coming year.
    I’ve been a huge fan of yours since you started in F1 and firmly believe you to be one of the strongest and certainly most pleasant drivers to have graced the sport in all the time I have been watching.
    Therefore it really saddens me that I will not be able to continue my avid support of yourself and Mclaren next year due to the sky/bbc deal that leaves so many fans out in the cold.
    So just want to say I wish you all the best and I truly believe you will go from strength to strength and without a doubt gain your 2nd world championship.
    Just remember to believe in yourself as much as we all do and please never change your attitude to racing and the fans. While seb may be the champion it was yourself that made 2011 and indeed 2010 great years to be a f1 fan in my opinion and you are a credit to mclaren and motorsport.
    Good luck next year, even if I can’t watch the races I will be hoping for your ongoing sucess.

  11. Hi Jenson

    Just want to wish you, Jessica and your families a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year. Looking forward to another superb year of racing from yours truly in 2012.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too Sam.

    All the best JB.

    Kay x

  12. Hi Jenson, I will try again! Sorry about the previous message! My son in law anyway moved back to Australia in February with my daughter. They LOVE Formula 1 and never miss it even going to the extreme of having the laptop on and viewing the lap times on it while the race is on. I would love for you to send me your autograph so I can surprise Jeremy with this. Thank you and oh all the best for 2012 and not forgetting Merry Christmas!

  13. Hi Jenson, My son in law Jeremy Stoffels is a great fan of yours. He is Australian and moved there with my daughter in February this year. I would so appreciate it if you could send me

  14. hi everyone ,ive been a massive fan of jenson since 2000. i just like to say to all you other jenson fans _ merry christmas & a happy 2012 new year !

  15. Hi Jenson

    My mother-in-law Jen and I are massive fans, Jen in particular watches the build up, qualies and race religiously and wanted to get your autograph for her which I was hoping to do when I bought tickets for the India GP but could nott attend.

    Are you making a guest appearences anywhere in the UK so that could possibly come down and meet you and get my un-used tickets signed?


  16. Hi Jenson my grandmother is probably your oldest fan at 95 and would love a signed photo of you ……..I’m her grandson it really would make her birthday on the 18th Jan if I could organise this I’m really not worried about the costs this may incur many Thx Darren ……Good luck and best wishes for the coming year ………


  18. Hi. I’ve followed you for a number of years and am, of course, delighted with your recent years of success. The reason for this note is (please do not laugh) I sent an email to at McLaren racing 8 days ago. However pathetic it may seem – I have had some ideas about F1 aerodynamics! Of course I have little professional ability to draw on (just 46 years of near encyclopedic knowledge of F1!) but I did think any F1 team might humour me, just in case my thoughts are not complete nonsense. I, of course chose McLaren as a starting point because of my support for you. Sadly there seems to be no interest (not even a polite ‘go play with the traffic’ email reply). I am still your supporter, and I realise you may think I am a pr— too, but you at least deserve the chance to know what’s going on around you. You probably do not want to waste time over me, but in a little while I shall feel free to move on (Ross Brawn, for obvious reasons, is my next favourite person in F1), so please either politely tell me to P. O. (I would understand). or you are welcome to contact me for an indication of my ideas.
    Whatever, best wishes for continuing success
    Andy Andrew

  19. F1 will be spoilt for me because of the sellout to sky which I have;t got so only 10 races live and the rest well we don;t really know yet but I will still follow Jenson

  20. Many congratulations on a great drive and successful season. Looking forward to watching and cheering you on next year.

  21. Hi Jenson

    A huge CONGRATULATIONS champ on your 3rd place finish yesterday and of course your 2nd place in the Championship, another fantastic drive. You have provided us with so much this season, stunning driving, superb overtakes (and plenty of them) and a race that will go down in history, your outstanding performance in Canada, what a race and what a win. Have a well deserved rest, can’t wait to see you come back fighting next season to steal Vettel’s crown.

    Roll-on March 2012, weekends just won’t be the same without F1 : (

    All the best, Kay x

  22. Great drive today Jenson. Congratulations on securing a well-deserved second place in the drivers’ championship. Hope that it will be first place next year! Have a well-earned holiday.

  23. Well done Jenson…….a very big congratulations to you on getting 3rd today and 2nd in the Championships and well done to the McLaren Team…..have so enjoyed watching you this season and seeing you in Manchester…..can’t wait for next March enjoy the break……Hugs Ann-Marie

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