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  1. C i knew u could do it ! Fantastic drivin champ congrats 2 maclaren team thank u 4 a brill season gonna miss u all cant wait til 2012 hope u enjoy ur wel earned rest live it up u deserve it lots of love x

  2. Hi Jenson.great race today 3rd place 2nd in the championship congratulations You can be better than ever next year

  3. Good Luck for today Jenson……confident you will be 2nd in the Championships but sad today is the last race of the season…….Hugs Ann-Marie xx

  4. Hi jenson wel done in quali i am so lookin 4 ward 2 the race 2 day u wil get 2nd place u have the skills and focus 2 do this champ x

  5. Good quali Jenson. If Webber wins you need to be at least 8th to get 2nd place in championship I know you can do it GOOD LUCK

  6. Good luck in quali Jenson you only need to beat Alonso and Webber or 1 place behind to be 2nd in the championship

  7. Hi Jenson

    Wishing you the very very best in Brazil at the weekend. Looking forward to another stunning drive from your truly. Hope to see you leading the rest of the field home for the last race of 2011, it would be a great end to a great season. Have a fantastic race, see you on the podium!!!

    Go JB!!!

    Kay x

  8. Hi jenson wish u all the best in brazil this weekend hope u win n enjoy ur last race for the season all my love Charlene xx

  9. Hi Jenson,
    Congratulations on being the 1st team mate at Mclaren to beat Hamilton, seems like your racing career’s really developed into something amazing and some of your wins (especially Montreal this year) will be remembered as some of the best ever races. I hope that the triathlon training is going well and that you’re managing to fit it in around F1.
    I was wondering if you could please Tweet a birthday message to my girlfriend, Marlous3011, who will be 25 on the 30th of this month. Don’t worry if you can’t/don’t read this or forget and a Tweet anywhere near the time should be okay.
    I hope that I’m not asking to much, but I am a big fan and know that she would head-over-heels with joy to have you send her a message.
    All the best JB, we can’t wait until the 2012 season!


  10. Go well in Brazil,enjoy the last of the current season. Looking forwrd to you renewing the battle again in 2012.

  11. Hi Jenson,

    Well done on a great season. Hoping to see you testing in Jerez in February. Visiting my family there at that time, and we would all like to meet you. Is there any opportunity for that? and do you have the dates yet. It would be a fantastic Christmas present , and I would be happy to give a children in need donation if we can see you in the pits in Jerez . Good luck in Brazil.


  12. i have a dream! to come to the factory and you and others show me around. telling me stuff about f1. i am a big fan of f1. i like allot of f1 drivers. you are 1 of them. is there any way you can make my dream come treu??? i am a broke man and waiting for luck comming my way. have fun in brasil. greetings marco.

  13. Jenson, Fanaastic! Incredible how you held off Webber and Massa with a severly hampered car. You’ve beaten Lewis over a season and that could mean more to me thatn anything else! they said you’d never win a race- you did it. They said you’d never win a championship- you did it. They said you’d never win ar McLaren- you did it. They said you’d never do Lewis over a season- you did it. They said you’d never win a second world championship- Bring on 2012!!! Love you mate, keep flying

  14. well done on beating lewis in the team battle hope you get the second place you deserve in the championship take care love helen pearson from FROME SOMERSET XXXX

  15. Jenson, I am a serial inventor who likes to think laterally and come up with many new ideas. I have provided some new ideas to F1 previously. I would like to help you become the next F1World Champion but need direct and confidential access to forward my new concepts which can make the car go faster, hold the road better at high and low speeds, improve fuel consumption rates, reduce drag (and increase when required!) etc. E mail me if you want that extra something!

  16. Hi Jenson

    Congratulations on your 3rd place finish on Sunday and for being the first team mate to ever beat Lewis, fantastic a well deserved victory. You drove a superb race, as always, showing just how skilled a driver you are by driving most of the race without KERS and still managing to fend off Webber and Massa, great job. Without the KERS issues I am sure you would have been up front battling it out with Lewis. Looking forward to going racing in Brazil in 2 weeks, although sad as it is the last race of the season.

    Well done!!

    Kay x

  17. Hi Jenson,

    Congratulations for your 3rd place.

    I believe that without this problem of KERS, you would have been first or second.
    You and Lewis and all the team have done a great job.

    See you soon for the grand prix of Brazil and for your 2nd place in the Championship of the world

  18. Hey luvvie, congrats on third place yesterday in AD, if only your KERS were working properly im sure first would have been a doddle!! Excellent driving & skill shown as always, lots of luv xXxXx

  19. Hi JB I spoke to your PA Jules nearly a year ago about a job with you and your outfit and also spoke to your managers PA to take it from me you are looseing out on a great employee.

    Take care Steve. you have my CV. Good race today to get third.

  20. hi jenson. what a great season your having.if you need a top sports therapist just give us a shout.good luck in Brazil fella .

  21. Great race to day Jenson…probably would have made it to 1st if it had not been for the problems you had….but hey 3rd is good and Lewis was superb what a team…..well done Mclaren….Hugs Ann-Marie xxx

  22. No kers and u stil drove like a true champ ur the best ! Wel done 2 lewis also a good day 4 team maclaren shame 4 vettel real bad luck so very proud of u jenson love ya x

  23. Good Luck for tomorrow Jenson…get out there and kick some ass……you may not have won the Championship this year but you have proved above all else you are the most skilled driver of the lot and a true gentleman…..hugs Ann-Marie xxxx

  24. Hi Jenson a good quali ,2nd row on the grid I am sure you can take Lewis and Vettel from there Good Luck

  25. Consistant yet again ! Amazin drivin wel done car looked beautiful under those yas marina lights the very best 4 u tomorro u wil b on the podium again i kno 4 sure wood b gr8 4 u and hammy lots of love x

  26. good luck for this weekend’s race from your loyal supreme home care fans, staff and service users

  27. Hi Jenson

    Have a fantastic weekend in Abu Dhabi, will be cheering you on all the way. It would be brilliant to see you win this and the final race in Brazil, the perfect end to a superb season!!

    All the best JB!

    Kay x

  28. hi jenson, it great to here that you are doing dan wheldon karting event on 5th december , he will be looking down on you pride. also good luck at abu dhabi this weekend babe ! luv you loads xxxxxxxxx : )

  29. I saw you yesterday in Whole woods, London.
    You are so handsome. I just wanted to say hi. xx

  30. Thankyou so much,,, i am so proud of you and you give me so much pleasure you are a true understated quiet gentleman that delivers.

  31. Good race JB you did an excellent job just keep in front of Webber and Alonso and you secure 2nd place in the championship

  32. Hey luvvie, congrats on the podium yesterday you drove really well as usual. I could tell in your interview after the qualifying you were determined to pull something out of the bag and you were so close!!!! Have spent the weekend with a bad cold and you certainly cheered me up, very good remedy!!!! Lots of luv xxx

  33. Hi Jenson

    Congratulations JB on 2nd place, brilliant start and fantastic passes on Alonso and Webber. Excellent drive (as always), a well deserved podium finish. Looking forward to going racing again in 2 weeks.

    Well Done!!

    Kay x

  34. hi jenson, congratulations babe with another podium . youre the worlds best top legend ! luv you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx : )

  35. Congratulations once again Jenson, yet another solid drive. Let’s hope you can win the last 2 races. Getting bored of Seb winning all the time. But you can only do what you can do. You’re truly an excellent driver. One of the best as far as I’m concerned……

  36. Well done Jenson. Your consistency is great to watch – keep it up for the last two races. You’re a great driver.

  37. Great result Jenson,you are the only one who can get close to SV in race conditions,well done..

  38. Congratulations Jenson on getting 2nd Place today……..fantastic performace as always Ann-Marie xxx

  39. Hi Jenson,
    Fantastic race today…congratulations.xxxx
    I was just wondering what happens to your jumpsuits after the race………..if you would like to recycle it and send it to me…..that would be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love Sarah..your biggest fan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  40. Hi jenson wel done 2 day in qualifyin a good place 2 b a def podium finish 4 sure al the best in india im rootin 4 ya lots of love as always x

  41. Good Luck for tomorrow Jenson……..we all all behind you…Hugs & Kisses Ann-Marie

  42. Not a good quali but, you have been in the same positiond and came up trumps so I am sure you can do it again GOOD LUCK tomorrow

  43. Hi jenson wel done 2 day in practice and very good luck in qualifyin tomorro ur wel on ur way 2 bein no2 in the championship but stil no1 in ur fans eyes love ya 2 bits and kay theres no need 2 justify urself hun we kno how u feel bout him ur a fan lol x

  44. Hi Jenson

    Sorry JB, on my last post yesterday I sold you short, you are not just our No. 1 driver, you are THE No. 1 driver!!!

    All the best!

    Kay x

  45. Hey Jenson, we saw you in Manchester in August 1 word “AWESOME”…. My kids really enjoyed it….so much my daughter wants you to come to her Birthday Party lol Bless her….Much Love

  46. Hi Jenson

    Wishing you all the very best in India this weekend. Hope you have some great practice runs and learn all you need to know about the new circuit. Good luck for qualies and have a brilliant race on Sunday, hope to see our No. 1 driver on the No. 1 step.

    Once again, have a brilliant race but above all, stay safe!!!

    Kay x

  47. Hi jenson just wanting to wish u all the best in India this weekend hope it’s a podium finish will be cheering u on as always luv Charlene xx

  48. I’ve been watching formula one with my four year old daughter who is the biggest Jenson fan. she is always cheering and urging him on. she wants to wish Jenson the very best for this weekend’s race; a win ideally.

  49. R.I.P Marco simoncelli so many gr8 sportsmen bein killed whats goin on ! This is a cruel world

  50. R.I.P Dan Wheldon. Great driver and a great man my thoughts go out to your family and friends.

  51. A sad sad time for motor sport, a tragic loss of such a young and talented man. Dan Wheldon, RIP.

  52. good race today hun, 4th is good, im behind you 4 nxt year when ur champion, never miss a grand prix, good luck in india an kick sum butt , best wishes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  53. Congratulations on getting 4th place Jenson…….I am sure we will see you back on the podium in two weeks time in India…… are still the best !!!!!! Hugs & Kisses Ann-Marie

  54. Hi Jenson

    Well done for a great 4th place in Korea, proud of you as always. Sorry the car was not at its best today but as you said after the race if 4th is a bad day then its not that bad. Looking forward to the the first GP in India in 2 weeks, I’m sure we will see you back up on the top of the podium where you belong.

    All the best.


  55. Jenson wel done in korea proud of u seb has really gotta watch his back next season ur rite on his tail ! Got every faith next year wil b ur year lots of love x

  56. you are f1 top gent stay that way old son im sure you will and i look forward to seeing you at the top of the tree next season raising many many trophies good luck.i have allways followed your races and knew you would be champ one day and know you can do it again……go for it mk

  57. Good luck for tomorrow Jenson….you may not have won the championship…but just show them all that you ar the most talented and skilled driver out of the lot of them and a true sportsman……you are still No 1 in my eyes,…..Ann-Marie xxx

  58. Hi jenson gr8 position 4 a podium in korea wel done 2 u and ur team m8 hows seb gonna get out of this 1 sandwiched between u both ! Good luck jenson every faith ur b on form b cheerin 4 u lots of love x

  59. dear jenson stunning race in japan! im writing to ask you how to get started in a career of f1 im 13 but i dont have much money. my mum and dad dont work and i want to make something out of my life. please i need you to help me out. pleas email me i need yr advice. ive always wanted to be like you so i ask again, please help me out.

  60. Hi jenson just wanted to wish u all the best in Korea this weekend hoping for a podium finish luv charlene xx

  61. Hi Jenson

    Have a brilliant weekend in Korea, will be with you every step of the way. Hope you have a fantastic race on Sunday and again show the rest of the field how its done. A back-to-back win would be awesome after your stunning performance in Japan.

    Wishing all the best. Go JB!


  62. Brilliant drive in Japan again Jenson. 2012 should be your year, lets hope so and all the best. If you carry on as you are doing you won’t need any luck.
    Can you get an agreement with Lewis Hamilton that you are number one. We seem to see more of his mishaps on the television race program than we do of your smooth drive ti victory.
    All the best of luck, but as I said, you won’t ned it.

  63. way to go jenson, I think you are in your prime now and to quote the words of a certain x factor judge “you put it down ” good luck for the rest of the season and bring on 2012 XXXX

  64. Excellent JB.Great victory nice to see you able to keep getting the better of Seb. Looking forward to Korea with interest,am ure you will excell again.

    Best of Luck,


  65. Hi Jenson

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Fantastic race, awesome drive. Once again you showed that you really are the No. 1 driver, a real champion. Over the moon that you won at Japan, a very emotional race for you and team Button. Enjoy the celebrations and hopefully you can do it all again in Korea next weekend, can’t wait.

    Well done!


  66. hi jenson, congratulations babe on youre brilliant win, fingers crossed that the last few races are wins ! luv you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx : )

  67. Conratulations for today Jenson, you shown what you are the real World Champion, it was great seeing you come 1st, you are absolutely the best and what a fantastic race……Hugs Ann-Marie xxx

  68. Hi Jenson

    Fabulous race in Suzuka’11.
    In my mind, you are now driving better than when you got your World Championship.
    And most of all, I am delighted to watch you engage in conversation in the paddock or in the pit lane, always sympathetic, never in a bad mood.
    Magnanimous, is the word.

    Keep it up, mate, you got yourselves a new fan !!!

  69. Hi JENSON
    A new superb race. It was very fantastic to see you at the firt place. You are the real Champion. As you says, the 4 next races ll be very exciting
    Congratulations to the team MCM, and to your father John, Jessica
    Well done !
    Bye and good luck for the next race

  70. Jenson
    Once again a superb race. You are the real World champion, because you have achieved the most on the track in your driving skill. I say again, put Vettel under pressure and he struggles. Any driver with clear air in front of him and a good car can become a world champion, but it is only the better driver who can get through the pack and get to the front. Well done !

  71. Wow ! What can i say ur the man ! Congrats 2 vettel but ur still my number 1 jenson u raced amazingly my champ x

  72. Well done Jenson! You’re such a fantastic professional driver! I always watching you competing with the best driver in the world, but no one compares to you! Good luck next year! Hope you can get another championship!

  73. I have watched you for years but today you showed you are now at your peak even more so than the Brawn era. Next season looks like being your best ever. Keep it going and thanks for the entertainment.

  74. Well done twinkle great driving as usual you never disappoint, glad you got even with the red bull after the dirty trick at the start. What a great race from a great driver, love ya xx

  75. Dear Jenson,
    with leaving the last round to the new world-champion, you showed, you are not only a great driver, but also a real fair sportsman and a gentleman.
    Thanks for showing great sport and good luck for next season.

    Karl from Germany

  76. Soo happy that you’re secured in a great team and deal for your future, you are my number 1 driver, I love bein a witness to your great skill and a smooth, level headed approach, I wish you great success tomoro.

  77. Hi Jenson

    Great results topping all 3 practice sessions, and what a fantastic result in qualies, so close to pole position. Vettel will have to watch out coz JB is about, he will definately have a fight on his hands. All the very best for tomorrow, can’t wait!!


  78. L o JB wel done in practice 2 day some good times al the best in qualifyin tomoroz and race on sunday so ova the moon u signed wiv maclaren no1 driver next season 4 sure luv ya loads

  79. Hi Jenson

    Great news that you are staying with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, you seem so at home there. Wishing you all the very very best for a fantastic weekend in Japan. Hope you have a brilliant race on Sunday and get a win, I know how much it would mean for you to win in Japan, as it is such a special place to you. Will be a weekend of early alarm calls, but it is all worth it to see you flying (not literally) round the track. Looking forward to an exciting race, as always.

    Good luck!!


  80. hi jenson, is great to here that youre stopping at vodafone mclaren mercedes , i wish u a brilliant future. also good luck in japan this weekend babe ! luv you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx : )

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