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Messages to Jenson Button 2011

By on March 25, 2011 in Messages to Jenson Button with 426 Comments

Hi if you are a Jenson Button Fan and would like to leave him a message you can do so here. The message box is at the bottom of the page, your message will appear below this picture immediately

426 Reader Comments

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  1. adrian says:

    Congratulations Jenson,stay as you are ,a true gentleman of the sport.We wish you well for the remainder of the season and with your new contract.

    Take Care.

  2. Barbara says:

    Congratulations Jenson on signing your new contract with McLarem the best thing you could have done perhaps Ferrarii will shut up now they can always sign Lewis (ha ha) him and Alonso i don’t think so well done you

  3. IanR says:

    BBC says “Jenson Button has committed his future to McLaren by signing what the team say is a “multi-year contract”.”

    Great news Jenson – every success to yourself and McLaren – a superb alliance.

    Keep safe.

  4. The Jolly Brewers says:

    Hello Jenson. Our pub is a great supporter of F1 you being the top one.On Oct.22nd 2011 we are holding a charity auction in aid of East Anglian Air Ambulance. Would it be possible for you to donate a signed photo or any thing signed by you for us to auction on the night.We would appreciate this and will let you know how much we raise.
    Kindest Regards
    John & Linda. The Jolly Brewers

  5. Jan says:

    Jenson, you are playing it cool and you are driving so well. Congratulations, this senior citizen is most impressed! When DC retired I transferred my support to you – have never been disappointed. Good luck for the rest of this season, and am looking forward to next season when perhaps the Maclaren will leave Red Bull standing??

  6. Kay says:

    Hi Jenson

    Brilliant race, congratulations on your 2nd place podium finish. Great pass on Webber at the start of the race, you did what you had to do. You drove a faultless race as always, unlike the backmarkers who slowed you down losing you valuable time when you were charging for the win (so frustrating and against the rules) and thank you so much for stopping Vettel from claiming the championship for another race at least. Well done for being the only man left who is mathematically in the running (such a shame for your 2 non-fault DNF’s, losing you valuable points to challenge Vettel). Excellent drive!

    Looking forward to the next race in Japan, go JB!


  7. Havard says:

    You are the King, show’em who’s best, records are made to be broken – Noone over, noone below, only far below.

  8. sam says:

    hi jenson, congratulations babe with another fantastic podium finish, those backmarkers should be punished for holding up youre win, lets hope in japan you get a win ! luv you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxx : )

  9. Tracey says:

    hey luvvie well done today another podium finish, yet again you drove excellent, cant believe the other drivers not letting you pass in the last lap i was shouting at the tv for ya! Cant wait for Japan seb will get complacent and make mistakes under pressure, then you can make yr move! Well done luvvie luv ya xx

  10. Audra says:

    His good his real good ! Wel done jenson and the team on ur podium finish xcelent drive x

  11. Ann-Marie Boardman says:

    Well done Jenson on getting 2nd position……I am so sure you are gonna be No in Japan……!!!! xx

  12. Barbara says:

    Well done JB another podium you had a great race Japan next hopefully you can get on the top step

  13. Ted Bell says:

    Excellent race Jenson.You’ve proved again what a great driver you are. I hope you realise that you are the real winner. You’re passed the most cars this year so far to get your positions! All Vettel has done is keep his foot on the throttle – where’s the skill in that. As you’ve proved, get him rattled and he makes mistakes. Give him another car and lets see who is the better driver!

  14. cute as a button says:

    Good Luck Today Jenson, your the Man

  15. vicky G says:

    Well done on a fab drive at qualifying. The very best of luck today on a very difficult track. ps stay in front of Lewis!!!!

  16. Ann-Marie Boardman says:

    Congratulations on qualifying today Jenson……you were on top form as always, good luck for tomorrow,so looking forwardto watching the race, I am sure your place on the podium is already reserved…….have named my kitten after you as he is always racing around lolzz….Ann-Marie xxx

  17. Audra says:

    Hey jenson wel done on qualifyin 2 day as per usual ur on top form ! I just kno ur b on the podium tomoro so al the best ur fans r behind u love u x

  18. Barbara says:

    WELL DONE JB 3rd on the grid you can catch Vettel from there and be on the top step

  19. Cathy Wilding says:

    Dear Jensen

    My husband was your No. 1 fan as he loved the way you drive – smoothly but with a little aggression when necessary. He sadly died on 12th September and I will no longer hear him cheering you on or sympathising when you have had to retire from a race. Driving was his passion and you were his idol.

    I am sure you get lots of requests and can’t possibly answer them all, but all I ask is that perhaps you could spare a moment’s thought for David, he was such a kind, generous man.

    Good luck in the Singapore Grand Prix tomorrow, you will probably hear me cheering for you!

    Cathy Wilding

  20. Tom says:

    Hello JB, just to let you know… Iv been watching you since your debut in 2000, and the pleasure has been all mine. For me you are the most calculated, precise, faultless racer iv ever witnessed. iv stayed loyal to you through the tough times at renault and the years running up to 09 with the non competetive honda. When you took your inevitable championship in 2009 at brazil i must admit i struggled to hold the tears back, i was so happy to see you get what you had deserved for so long. When you joined Mclaren it was like a dream come true as i am a huge Mclaren fan as i live just a stones throw from the tech centre. Heres to many more championships!

    Yours loyaly
    Tom Edwards

  21. Tom says:

    To, ‘i hate button’,
    You obviously know nothing about f1, jenson is one of the most experianced drivers in f1 and lewis hamilton could and should learn alot from him. As for jenson running in to lewis at canada, YOU FOOL!!! watch it again you idiot! Lewis should never have put his car where he did, he has no respect for the other drivers on the grid, its like watching shumi all over again. To finish first, first you have to finish…. Lewis Hamilton is a fantastic natural talent but he has alot to learn and for me there is no better driver to learn from than Jenson Button….

  22. Paul Newman says:


    Hi Jenson,

    Hope you are well,

    It was really nice to meet with you at the Guernsey live event.

    I am forwarding you some details of our charity as requested.

    We are registered charities in both Jersey and the U.k Mainland and focus our attention to the education of youngsters and all, to the dangers of mobile phone use while driving.

    The charity was formed because sadly, i lost my beautiful sister Ellen in 2006 to a young driver who was using his phone.
    Myself and family members and friends wanted to try and turn this tragedy into something positive and to try and make a difference
    and of course save lives.

    We have had great support in Jersey from Many businesses and the public and hope to continue with the hard work to-date.

    We are about to go into all the schools in Jersey, including my sons, with a education plan and competition to design us a character.

    We hope to go on and produce short films to help educate the young with an awareness to this epidemic of driver distraction.
    We also have several fundraising events planned, of which we hope , you could help us with , this will both fund the urgent work the charity is doing and get the message out there.

    We are currently working with Tesco , who are building us a new website and B.T who have both offered us continuing support once
    the site is active,also Virgin mobile and Nokia amongst others are showing interest for this site for their corporate social responsibility
    policy area.

    We have a long way to go and feel that you are the perfect person to help us with our cause.
    Your huge appeal to the young is paramount and crucial in educating the next generation of drivers.

    I fully appreciate how busy you are but would you please consider being our charity patron ?

    We are about to stage a spinnathon challenge , October 29th here in Jersey, Is that something you could help us with ?

    We are actively looking for members and volunteers to help us with our education and support to help save lives from
    this new and deadly form of in-car distraction.

    The website is due to be launched soon and finally we can go nationwide and start to make a difference.

    Please visit our website.

    This is a good site in U.S.A.

    Thank you for your time.

    Kindest Regards,

    Paul Newman.

  23. Kay says:

    Hi Jenson

    Wishing you the very very best when you take to the track in Singapore this weekend. Hope you have some great runs during practice, brilliant qualifying session and get a fantastic result on Sunday. Looking forward to watching ‘the master’ pull off some great moves in what will be an exciting but exhausting race (exhausting for you).

    Good luck!


  24. sam says:

    hi jenson, good luck in singapore babe. fingers crossed for another podium ! luv you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxx : )

  25. Andrew Pike says:

    Hi Jenson, based Bath in Somerset !! have loved watching you over the past ten years huge fan !! Never once doubted your talent always knew you would get to the top, Ferrari huh you and Fernando now there’s a team the best Two driver’s in the world and the best car and Formula one team in the world fingers crossed this end.
    My first job from leaving school a few years ago now just turned 50 April 22nd was working for Dutton Forshaw in Warminster and my Boss was your God father Earling Jenson small world huh, I used to go racing with him when I was not working a car salesman.
    Keep up the great work looking forward to seeing you as world champion again very soon, if you ever fancy a coffee when you are Bath way please give me a shout.
    All the very best Andrew Pike. Bath Somerset.
    PS, I understand you have my name sake another Andrew Pike working at Mclaren, also bumped into another friend of yours on holiday recently in Egypt a guy by the name of Zac a fitness instructor at the Sun newspaper group !! Interesting guy.

  26. lesley moore says:

    thanks barbara, if Jenson can possibly sign me a 75th birthday card it would be amazing for my hubby, my details are: Mrs Lesley Moore, c/o 32 Wordsworth St., Barrow in Furness, Cumbria LA14 5SE if I have anything delivered to my home address he would know as he’s been retired for quite a number of years and it wouldn’t be a secret !! any help in making this birthday special is very much appreciated, thanks

  27. Barbara says:

    Lesley about the birthday card if u scroll down this site (quite a way down ) you will see my e-mail address get in touch I can give u an address for a photograph of Jenson

    Barbara Gouin

  28. lesley says:

    My hubby is 75 on 4th november, is there any chance if I post you a 75th birthday card that you or any other drivers can sign it, he has been a racing fan all his life and it would really make his birthday so special, we made it manchester a couple of weeks ago but due to road traffic – missed you driving and had to watch you on tv in the hotel !!! thanks for any help – your a star, lesley

  29. Sue E says:

    Hi Jenson
    You kindly helped the memorial fund for my late son James Eyers (Frome) following his death in a car accident in 2007 . We are holding our final auction on the 1st October and would welcome your help in any way with an auction item to help us achieve our target of £50k to date it stands at £46k all monies go to Dorothy House Hospice.

    It is great to see you have another successful season keep it up. Sue ( James’s Mum)

  30. sam says:

    hi jenson , congratulations on winning britains best looking bloke . ive always that youre a top sex god in the whole wide world ! luv you loads babe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx : )

  31. Paul says:

    Jenson what what a great drive on sunday well done.

  32. Kay says:

    Hi Jenson

    Fantastic drive, congratulations on your 2nd place podium finish yesterday. Was an exciting race and you certainly made light work of passing Lewis and Schumacher with that brilliant overtake. You are always a gentleman on the track, the No. 1 driver and with no doubt the nicest guy in F1, its always a joy to watch you on and off the track.

    Can’t wait for Singapore in 2 weeks, go and show them how its done.


  33. Ged says:

    Can anyone tell me the make/model of the the sunglasses Jenson was wearing in the pit lane at Monza yesterday?

  34. sam says:

    hi jenson, congratulations babe with another podium finish at monza. youre a really truly brilliant guy, also when will we find out about youre 2012 contract ? luv you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxx : )

  35. Audra says:

    Barbara i apologise for my rant but it made me so angry lol jenson congratulations 4 ur podium so proud of u x

  36. Steve says:

    Hi Jenson great 2nd place mate.

    I asked you just after your win on your 200 GP on August 1 if you could email me the team photo for the win.

    I still have not recieved it.


  37. Sophie Foster says:

    i think u r amazing and i was sooo excited when i found u had the same racing suit as me when u were on Red ad Black? i got soo excited i phoned every sngle one of my friends and screamed at them.I know like everything there is to now about u including where u went to school 😀 im kinda absessed and ive applied to do my work experience at the maclaren centre in Woking, it would absolutely amazing if i could meet you i would be sooooooo happy for like ever
    u are like my idol and i want to be like u i love driving my kit car which we built at school and i want to be a driver or engineer for a f1 team it would be epic

  38. Tracey says:

    Hey luvvie congratulations on 2nd place 2day it was a great race and good overtaking which proves you are the greatest and skilled driver in F1. Well done looking forward to Singapore and another podium! Love ya lots xx

  39. Steve says:

    Wy does the person calling themselves ( i hate jenson button) use there name and not hide behind something.

    First thing when did Jenson hit Lewis? and Jenson is one of the most fair drivers out on track ask anyone in F1.

    So before you put your vile rants on JB ‘s site get your fact’s right.

    Fantastic race one again JB 2nd ? and Lewis 4th maybe it took him to long to overtake Shumacher and then you showed Lewis how its done.


  40. Barbara says:

    To I hate Jenson Button How could Jenson have ploughed into the back of Lewis’s car when Lewis was behind him, and Audra not nice language from you

  41. Barbara says:

    Hi Jenson great race 2nd place puts you 3rd in championship table now you need to stay ahead of Mark Webber

  42. Nikki Wadey says:

    Jenson Button= The Legend
    Well Done Jenson, you are an amazing Driver and the perfect roll model.
    You make F1 what it is and no one should have a bad word to say against you.
    Good Luck for the rest of your races, I will follow you all the way.
    All the best and keep safe

  43. Audra says:

    Oh and just 4 the record hammy made the bad cal not jenson if u watched it u wood of seen so get ur facts straight hammy is a young driver and still alot 2 learn from jenson al drivers make mistakes but it improves their skills along the way

  44. Audra says:

    Hi jb firstly can i say that the person who calls themself i hate jenson button ur a nob ! If al ur gonna do is come here and slag the gr8test driver in the world of then f***k off im sure hammy wood not appreciate u foul mouthin his team m8 this site is 4 fans not dickheads like u ! DONT COME HERE AGAIN Anyway gettin back 2 our hero wel done 2 in qualifyin 2 day and very good luck tomoro in monza love u jenson x

  45. I hate Jenson Button says:

    I hate you

  46. I hate Jenson Button says:

    I despise, with all my heart, Jenson Button. The man who viciously ploughed into the wonderful Lewis Hamilton’s beautifully driven car into a solid wall in Montreal, Canada.


    I hate Jenson Button with a passion.

  47. Ann-Marie Boardman says:

    Good Luck for tomorrow Jenson…….You can do it….!!!!!!!! Hugs xx

  48. Alex Roper says:

    hi Jenson
    I’m ur biggest fan send me a mail at and come to my house in south Yorkshire Rotherham 16 moorlands

  49. Barbara says:

    Hi Jenson Well done on your 2nd row quali in Spa you wereb13th and got third place you can win it from this position

  50. Lee clark says:

    Hi just wanted to congratulate you on ur successes you are a true inspiration and clearly the most talented driver this season your win at canada left tears in our eyes it was the most exciting gripping on the edge of your seat action ive ever watched since being a 13 year f1 fan that how to race i wish you many more exciting SAFE races 1 more thing nail those red bulls good luck mate lee clark

  51. sofia says:

    I´m glad to see that you will in McLaren next year too. You are doing a great job!!!
    I hope to watch you running in Abu Dhabi GP. I hope to be there if I win a promo that gives a trip fpr 2 to Abu Dhabi GP. if you are interested, all info is here: . We only have to make a video showing how crazy we are for F1 with a visual or auditive reference to the advertiser brand. My video is already there!

  52. Barbara says:

    TO anti bbc/sky deal This was done on the sly between the BBC and Sky so that it would not go to channel4 who offered the same money as Sky whoever thinks it will be good for F1 are living in cloud cuckoo land there are probably more people without Sky than those who can afford it but why would they pay again to watch a race A lot of people I know say they will not watch the races on Sky If Sky was showing F1 when Canadian Gpwas run you would have missed the end because no way would Murdoch stayed there for 5hours

  53. Barbara says:

    Hi JB i hear u are staying at McClaren that is good news congratulations on that and good luck for Sunday

  54. karen scollay says:

    jenson would it be possible to get a signed photo to Harry he is my 4 year old nephew and has just broke his elbow. He is such a fan of yours and when he is on his “green machine” he will only answer to Jenson. Thanks for taking the time.

    64a Dunfane Park
    Co. Antrim
    BT43 7AJ

  55. Kay says:

    Hi Jenson

    Good luck for this weekend. Hope Friday and Saturday practice sessions go well and hope to see you and the silver bullet at the front of the field in quallies. Wishing you all the very best on Sunday, looking forward to another stunning drive from yours truly, resulting in another podium finish. Hope to see you smiling down from the top step where you belong.


  56. lola says:

    Hope you have a terrific race this week-end in Monza, hope you get a top spot podium finish. Good Luck.

  57. sam says:

    hi jenson , good luck with victus babe. also good luck at monza this weekend, you show vettel that youre the winner ! luv you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx : )

  58. Spazzy Annie says:


  59. Anti BBC SKY DEAL says:

    Hi Jenson ,i’d like to know what you think about the Uk fans that are going to be thrown out to the cold because of the bbc sky deal for 2012. Don’t you and your fellow drivers think you should take a stand for us as we’ve been there for you all through the highs and lows .

  60. Kevin Graves says:

    Hi Jenson, know your a huge triathlon fan. I’m doing an ultra tri for charity next July. Swimming The Wash, cyclng 115 miles and running 46 miles. Would you like to support my event for my local hospice.


  61. danny banks says:

    hi jens im your biggest fan . when are you going to teach lewis how to finish a race lol . hahaha loved seeing vettel spin in montreal cudnt take the button pressure i think.

  62. robert waterson says:

    hi jenson
    rab waterson here
    i am in a triathlon club (west lothian tri) and was wondering if you would consider selling me your road bike which is in your advert.i have entered ironman germany 2012 and want a half decent bike to do is a bit tight just now so i am looking for a good deal if you want to sell friends all laughed when i said i was going to email you but if you dont ask you dont get.feel free to have a look at our email is
    i live in scotland so your bike will get realy wet most days or frost bite lol
    regards rab

  63. margaret foy says:

    Hello Jenson
    Do you remember “The foys” somewhere in my photo albums, I have a photo of you driving your go cart round the green. I think you were about three. Please can I have a more up to date photo for a very disabled boy I know. When Selwood staff meet, we celebrate your success. We are very proud.

  64. Ann-Marie Boardman says:

    Thanks Jenson, for bringing so much fun to Manchester on 29th…it was a brilliant day despite the rain and really enjoyed your performance… some fantastic pics of you ! Hope you will come again!
    Also thoroughly enjoyed watching the Belgium GP on Sunday!
    Good luck in Monza……I am sure your will be on the top step on the podium this time…..Hugs Ann-Marie

  65. Steve Henty says:

    Hi Jenson, Me & my wife are big fans of yours & it will be my wife’s birthday on 16th Sept.
    We are going to be staying at the
    La Barbarie Hotel
    Saints Bay
    St. Martin
    Channel Islands
    GY4 6ES
    Would you be able to send a signed photo to Jackie please, would make her birthday if you could.

  66. Beth says:

    P.S. Good luck also to Hammy and Webber!!!! 😀

  67. Beth says:

    Hey Jenson,
    I came and watched you in Manchester on Monday and it was fabulous! I took a notepad just in case I got close to you but it was too busy :'( I would give anything for an autograph 😀 My dad wants me to be the first female F1 driver but I don’t think it’s likely seen as though I don’t get to go go-karting very often (but you never know and it would be the most amazing job EVER)!!! Lol! Good luck in Monza – I’ll be watching!! 🙂
    Beth, 14

  68. Richard says:

    Hi jenson, thank you so much for coming to Manchester, it was a great day especially seeing you get in the car and set off at the start. And congratulations on a superb drive in spa, hopefully you will be on the podium again in Monza (preferably the top step!)

    All the best,
    Andrew, Julia and Richard.

  69. Kay says:

    Hi Jenson

    Brilliant race! It was great watching you charge through the field with some awesome overtaking, reminiscent of Canada without the rain. Congratulations on another podium finish (another few laps and you would have taken the win). Such a shame about the misunderstanding in Q2, especially after you being the fastest man on the track in Q1 (by a second, and as we all know a second in F1 is huge). A very scary moment during the collision at the beginning of the race, watching a piece of debris hurtling towards you, thank god it hit your car and not you. What a relief that your OK.

    Congrats again, and roll on Monza!


  70. Galahadskeys says:

    Amazing seeing JB at Spa this weekend. The double pass on La Source made my weekend 🙂

  71. Helen Davis says:

    Thank you Jenson for coming to Manchester today. Had a great time watching you zooming up Deansgate. Keep up the good work. x

  72. pk says:

    we where in manchester today to watch you do your thing! had a brill day thanx again never goin to forget it!

  73. WiganSteve says:

    Jenson, gutted i couldn’t make it up to Manchester today, you are the main man in F1 as far as i am concerned. I am well known around here for my McLaren F1 clothing i have the works, always enjoy wearing the Rocket Red victory shirt when you are celebrating.
    You are a top bloke and i am sure with your present form you are going to get that Championship again in the near future. Keep up the good work Sir.

  74. Nerina says:

    Jenson babe, you were the real winner at Spa. 5 more laps and you would have had those redbulls.

    Thanks again for making F1 so entertaining. You are the gentleman champion and a joy to watch (I mean behind the wheel, not just that fantastic smile : )

    Keep up the good work!

  75. ILOVEJENSON says:

    hi jenson. ILOVEU. I watch you race every time!!! i think your the best racer of them all. your a legend 😀 your the best. all my wishes every time you race!! goodluck in the future xx

  76. ILOVEJENSON says:

    I LOVE YOU JENSON. i watch you race every time!!! your such a legend. your a fantastic racer. my wishes every time you race!!!!!!! good luck in the future

  77. sam says:

    hi jenson , congratulations babe with another podium finish. youre a truly top legend _ good luck in manchester tomoz . if you come through sheffield you can come to my house for a drink ! luv you loads ! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx : )

  78. Gloria says:

    You are a hero Jenson. I´ll win a promo that gives a trip for 2 to Abu Dhabi GP just to see you!!! if someone here is interested, all info is here: . We only have to make a video showing how crazy we are for F1 with a visual or auditive reference to the advertiser brand. Go, Jenson!

  79. Helen SB says:

    Hi to The Best GP Driver,
    every time I watch you it reaffirms my faith in F1. You are the drivers driver, and have a passion for driving which shows in your every move. I have been watching F1 for some years but only got to stand by the track for my 1st race last year in Singapore (thanks to some great and amazing friends). Trying to explain the feeling F1 gives is hard to put into words for those who just dont get it…but for those of us who do I stand and aplaud you. There is nothing quite like the roar of the F1 car and the ability of the man driving it…you.
    Thank you for sharing it with me…
    Will be in Manchester tomorrow to see you racing through the streets…can’t wait to hear and feel the F1 beat again,
    Helen xx

  80. Tracey says:

    Hey twinkle what a great race today especially the overtaking very skilled driving babe, was trying to workout in the gym but seemed to be concentrating on you more!! Cant wait for the next round luvvie xx

  81. Mike Price says:

    Hi Jenson you probably get these requests all the time but I will ask anyway,I live in Rode and every year we have a traditional fete which gives its proceeds to local charities scouts ,brownies ,cricket club and the local playing field and school,so as you have probably quessed I would like to ask if it would be possible for you to open and have a quest appearance at our fete,I do not know how the dates work with you around f1 but if the option is possible we would fit around our local hero.Hope you can reply in a possitive manner for our 1012 fete,and lets see another world championship coming to Frome.


    Mike Price

  82. Audra says:

    Thats why ur a world champ u really pulled it off 2 day so proud of u x

  83. Zach Harding says:

    Hi Jenson
    good luck at spa
    can i ask how you got into F1? because i am starting in the junior max kart catagory next year and its hard to get past that any pointers on how to get sponsorship?
    zach harding

  84. Nerina says:

    Jenson, I’ve got a good feeling about you at Spa tomorrow. I had a good feeling about you in Hungary too. Today was rotten luck but we all know YOU CAN WIN the Belgian GP .

    I believe you will – Enjoy it!


  85. sue jeal says:

    Jenson u r my hero in f1 you were robbed in practice today,good luck 4 tommorow I will b watching xxxx

  86. Audra says:

    Hey champ wel done in practice 2 day some excellent times looks like them boys at hq have done some good tweaks 2 the car but they wouldn b wivout an ace driver 2 put it 2 the test good luck wiv qualifyin tomorro and u kno what u gotta do sunday win win win ! Ur fans are rite behind u love ya x

  87. Kay says:

    Hi Jenson

    F1 is back – so looking forward to the race on Sunday. Hope you have some great practice runs and a brilliant qualifying result. Wishing you all the very best for the race, will be cheering you on as always. Spa had better be kind to you this year, lets see you at the top of the podium again, a back-to-back win would be fantastic start to the rest of the season.

    Good luck champ!


  88. sam says:

    hi jenson, good luck at spa babe this weekend. fingers crossed for another win _ you show red bull that youre the boss ! luv you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxx : )

  89. Audra says:

    Omg ! Jenson only a week 2 go i cant wait ive missed ur superb drivin so much and been so bored at weekends i hope u had a wel earned rest and now its time 2 show those red bulls they cant fly they aint got wings ! Love u champ x

  90. Nicki says:

    Hi Jenson
    We have just found out you will be in Manchester next weekend and are absolutely devastated that we are on holiday so cannot come to see you. We attempted to see you at Silverstone twice but due to my babies being due could not make it and we were so close as we used to live in Northampton so watched the helicopter flights to the venue etc.

    Hopefully we will meet you one day and as a sign of respect I named my son after you and now he is 4 years old.

    We have been following you for years and will continue to do so.

    Good luck and safe driving always.

    Nicki,Paul,Charlotte & Jenson

  91. fangio says:

    Jenson, I want see you running in Abu Dhabi so much! I´m already making my video to win the promo that gives a trip for 2 to go to Emirates and watch the GP. All info is here: . I hope to be a winner just like you…

  92. cyclone8 says:

    Hi Jensen

    Do you have any advice for an up and coming kart racer? My nephew just competed in the Canadian Championships and was doing great until he was hit in the final by an overly aggressive driver. Any words of wisdom to pass on to him for avoiding the aggressive drivers? BTW, my nephew drives and looks like you, very smooth driver and cute.

    He is on twitter!/CycloneRacing8

  93. Eleanor says:

    Hi Jenson! I am your #1 fan and i mean it! You are the sexiest guy ever! I have one word to describe you: HOT!!!!!!!!!

  94. kira says:

    Hi my name is kira, my boyfriend is a really big fan of you, i mean hes crazy for u, his birthdays on the 1st of september and i.was wondering if you could sign a picture to give to him or if i could send u a picture i have bought for him already and you could sign. Please please he would really love it x

  95. DAVID says:

    hi jenson ,
    my sister is 65 in oct and is a big fan , she even has sweat shirts with on !,i would love to get a photo of you signed to her ,any chance
    she met you last year at cribbs causeway book signing ,can you help thnx
    good luck with the rest of the season

  96. Lauren says:

    Hello Jenson,
    My name is lauren shand and im a 15 year old girl from Australia. I have always loved cars and always wanted to be a f1 driver. When i was 7 i wanted to do go karting so i did some but then broke my foot. I was always asking mum and dad if i can do karting but they thought i would grow out of it when i got older. I have just stared about 2 months ago, not bragging but boys who have been racing for 6, 7 years i beat most of them by half a seccond on my 3rd day of practising then i entered a race 1 week later the boys diddent want me to beat them so they played rough but got around it some how. I would love for some help later on in life when i need some. Its going to be really hard for me a girl to be entering a boys sport. I have support of family and friends and dad does whatever he can to try achive my dreams he puts hundreads of dollers into it to make it work out for me. please contact me if you can it would mean alot my e-mail address is ( Thankyou:)

  97. Chris Wright says:

    Hi Jenson,

    Our first baby – Jenson Nicholas Peter Wright, was born Friday 5th August at 07:05. His due date was actually Sunday 31st July. Would have been a very nice coincidence if he had arrived on time given the events of that Sunday, but nevermind!


    Chris and Marieke Wright

  98. darren coles says:

    Hi jenson i come from your hom e town of frome i used to be your postman when you had your unit over Mells i have a scooter and want to know if you would mind if used macleran copy stickers on it and copy your signature on it or would you be willing to sign it for me well done mate keep up the good work thanks for putting frome on the map cheers darren

  99. Marky Hunter says:

    jenson great win! last sunday mate carry on now till the end of the season! you can do it mate red bull are slipping now there not in the comfortable zone no more:d come on mclaren!

  100. natalie says:

    Jenson, it was great to see you back on podium sunday. I have today for my birthday been bought mclaren membership, top and hat is it possible if i sent my hat you could sign it at some point? cheeky i know but with two young children its hard to get to Silverstone to see you in action, we are hoping to be at goodwood next year if we can get tickets. good luck for the rest of the season. Natalie

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