Jenson Buttons Girlfriend with Richard Branson


F1 Ace, Jenson Button got into a major row with Richard Branson before the inaugural 2009 Formula 1 race in Melbourne Australia a few weeks back. Branson, having just recently confirmed Virgin’s sponsorship of the Brawn F1 team, went out with the team after Button secured pole position, before the actual race.

[I loved opening with the words, “F1 Ace, Jenson Button” back there, by the way. It just felt really good. Also using an unnecessary capital for the word “Ace.” It just felt like the write thing to do. (Intentional)]

I actually missed this story at the time (weird, I know – given my association with Bernie Ecclestone) so apologies to those who have heard about it. It’s too weeks old so still semi-fresh, I’d say. It’s a great excuse to run the picture you’ll find at the end of this article.

They went to Nobu in Melbourne and Button apparently blew up, following Sir Richard’s flirtatious behaviour with his angel, lingerie model Jessica Michibata. that’s the same restaurant they’ve just opened at The One & Only hotel at the Waterfront (still under review).

Jenson Button’s row with ‘flirtatious’ Richard Branson over girlfriend

The 29-year-old, winner of this year’s Australian Grand Prix
, landed in a heated argument with married billionaire Richard Branson over lover Jessica Michibata while dining at plush eaterie Nobu in Melbourne.

“Richard was clearly very, very drunk and took a shine to Jessica during the evening. But there was a misunderstanding and Jenson became angry,” News of the World quoted a source as saying.

“The whole thing got very, very heated. Richard thought Jenson was over-reacting, and gave as good back. Both of them were livid,” the source added.

The Brit racer was said to have bagged a six-figure sponsorship deal with the tycoon just the day before the row.

The source added: “This was before Jenson and the Brawn GP team won in Melbourne and Malaysia, and they were an untested team looking for sponsorship.

“So for Jenson to lose his rag at Richard, it was serious. But things were fine by the next day.”

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