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  2. hello im 8 years old i realy want to ask you how fast did your bugatti veyron go and how many exhaust pipes did it have .

    From dilan

  3. Hi jenson I am 5 years old and ur biggest fan. I named my kitten after u and I think u are a fantastic driver. I will Be watching u today and have done every race this season good luck I know u can do it

  4. Hi my names Paul, I lived in warminster for 30yrs, just down the road from frome. I have followed you from when you first started racing in formula one, I have every hat of yours which I treasure. Congratulations on your F1 championship 2009, and I hope you can pull off the double this year as you are one of the greatest F1 drivers ever. Got a baby boy due in September and myself and my partner are proud to be naming it Jenson after you.

    All the best for the rest of this season

    Paul your biggest fan

  5. I must be your biggest fan i am 7 years old. when i grow up i want to be a f1 driver just like you. for my 8th birthday i am going to start go-karting. I got up early today to watch you race in china and well done for coming first i was so proud of you. I like it when at the end of the race you win you scream into the mic i think its funny.
    My friends like lewis but i say the best is you not him!!!
    Good luck in the next races(i will be watching you even if on tv early) i know you can do it and hope you win the world championship again this year.
    Lots of love your biggest fan jordan. xxxxxx

  6. Hi Jenson, it was good to see you over in Guernsey on Wednesday and I do hope you enjoyed your stay! – thanks for taking the time to sign an autograph and pose for a photo! wishing you all the best for the forthcoming season ahead, fingers crossed for another world championship but watch out for some bloke named Schumacher! (lol) Kind regards, Mark

  7. Hi

    Will keep it short

    On 27th February, Daytona, Milton Keynes will reverberate to the sound of
    17 kart engines all pounding round flat out. Nothing unusual in that you might
    think but in this case the 17 karts will all be driven by teams of celebrities as
    the circuit plays host to an amazing charity kart race in aid of Help for Heroes.

    The driver line up features drivers from all areas of British Motorsport. Some of
    the many drivers include BTCC favourites past and present Paul O’Neill,
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    Doyle. There are also drivers from the BTCC support series including 2009
    Formula Renault Champion Dean Smith and Clio Cup Champion Phil Glew. From
    F3, GT and sports cars come drivers such as Andy Meyrick, Callum Macleod,
    Phil Keen, Phil Quaife and Tim Bridgman. They will be competing against BSB
    riders, Simon Andrews and Gary Mason and an all girl team, including 2009
    Ginetta Junior Champion Sarah Moore and 2009 Formula Renault Star Alice

    It’s not only Motorsport stars among the drivers with Boyzone’s Shane Lynch,
    Tom Clarke from The Enemy, dancing on ice star Matt Evers and the boys from TV’s Dirty Sanchez among the
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    off their driving skills with the addition of a soldiers team, lead by George Cross and Pride of Britain winner, Matt Croucher.

    We’d love to have you on board


    Thanks Callie

  8. Hi Jenson,

    Well done on your win last year. If you ever want a shot of driving a MINI dressed as a Highland Cow then I’m your man. Or your car. Anyway, you are an inspiration to us all sir so keep up the good work and let’s hope to come up trumps again in 2010.

    Double world champion? Let’s hope so!

  9. Hi Jenson, I watch you on tele with my mummy and daddy. We saw on the BBC website recently about a couple who had a baby this year called Jenson (you met them at the Autoshow) – I am called Jenson too and am now 1 and half years old – mummy and daddy are big F1 fans and had faith in you back then…you didn’t have to win the championship for them to name their son after you! Good luck for this year, we will all be cheering you on. Love Jenson (& mummy and daddy) from Berkshire.

  10. hi jenson just wanted to wish you a happy 30th birthday and many more to come hope you spend your day well. all the best for the up and comming formula 1 season hope you win again. all my love charlene xxx

  11. Congrats 2009 championship and on well deserved MBE, looking forward to watching you do it again 2010


  13. Hi Jenson

    I would like to wish you a very Happy 30th Birthday.

    I was fortunate to meet you briefly at the recent Autosport Motorshow, I will remember that day for ever, queueing for 3 hours was definately worth it.

    I look forward to cheering you on during 2010, and I will be supporting you at my first ever Grand Prix at Silverstone in July.

    Debbie Adams Hertfordshire

  14. Hi all
    Was very happy to see Jenson In Sean Taylors Truck at 2010 show I was commissioned to provide the original airbrush work (in fact quite some time ago now)on Sean’s tractor unit and later to “do the back” it has featured in lots of truckfest shows etc but this has to be the best thing so far ( I do believe that Lewis saw the truck at Silverstone ) anyway great result for Sean and myself // Do this for a(good)living so dozens to see but this is top notch promo for me

    Regards Adam Haden Scrawl art Cornwall

  15. Many congratulations Jenson on being voted the Castrol Best driver in The World for 2009, you truly deserve it.Lets hope it shuts up all the knockers ie big mouth Irvine and your best friend Flavio, what does their opinion matter anyway and i am sure this year you will another great season with McClaren , you are the best, you are the best, you are the best baby.

  16. Very best wishes for 2010 Jenson, Shumy doesn’t stand a chance, there are 2 Great Brit’s in a Great Brit’ team who will blow him away – Jenson & Lewis, way to go 😉

  17. Hi Jenson. Schumi reckons he is going to win the championship next year. BIG HEAD or what, will he cheat like he has before

  18. hi jenson ive just watched your video. on the mclaren website, its great to see you with mclaren gear on , luv you loads xxxxx

  19. Hi Jenson, Congratulations on your MBE. Talk about icing on the cake, I bet you will still be smiling for weeks to come. Love you loads and good luck for 2010, in your new team. My husband and I will be routing for you again.
    Love Carole & David

  20. Re: SPOTY I do believe that somebody (or some people) had their finger(s) stuck to the redial button on their phone for Giggs to get the award which was UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Sadly if there’s a footballer in the list this seems to be what happens. However it doesn’t appear that he has been given an MBE so BIG CONGRATS to you!! I’ll be really cheesed off if I find he has. Anyway moving on we all know what you have achieved this year, your driving was sensational. I’ve always believed you would be WDC one day and it WILL happen again! No further comment on Brawn & co (it’s been said before)lets just say you’re better out of it and I think they may have shot themselves in the foot. It has been discussed at great length over much wine with my husband Mark (our boys Rory & Hector don’t get the politics in F1 & they’re too young for wine). You’ve got lots of people who love you and support you, so go and do what you do best. By the way drive like you did in Brazil and the world’s your oyster!!! Have fun and good luck with McLaren xxxx ps watch out for Lewis’ dad…

  21. I’ve just received my JB Brawn hat from my adoring hubby. Yet again the Brawn team have made me cry for the umpteenth time this season!! Being usually a Ferarri fan, I have been torn between two teams this year.I thought that I would never waiver from them, but boy, you have torn me in two!! Well done for putting the excitement back into F1 again. I have truly been on the edge of my seat (along with my box of tissues). I take my Ferarri hat off to you and your fellow team mates. I wish you well at your new team, good luck with your challenge to regain your title. And if your ever in Bridgwater,come and sign your hat!!!

  22. Congratulations Jenson on a fantastic 2009 season, next year i hope you blow away all the competition especially Schumi who will be up to his old tricks again, if he cant win by fair means he will cheat , i feel sorry for Nico, but who cares as long as you are the CHAMP AGAIN just show them all again what a great driver you are , and put that big mouth Flavio back in his box for good.I am so pleased you are at McClaren for next season and i am sure you are better than Lewis,have a great season i will support you at McClaren next year.

  23. I think its disgustion Jenson that Brawn has signed Michael up and given him the money you wanted. You got BRawn GP into the top, now they want the one two set up again with Russ Brawn and Michael Shumacer senerio, well Jenson you go out there in 2010 and show them you are still No1 beit in a different Car. I wish you all the success for the new year. Your as the song says ” Simply the Best”

  24. Well Jenson it is official Schuey is taking your place at Mercedes GP he was approached by Ross Brawn at the begining of november so they were planning on not offering you the money you wanted and Nick Fry has the cheek to stop you from going to mcClaren until Jan what a hippocrite

  25. hi jenson , saw you on top gear tonight. congratulations on your mbe. have a merry christmas and a brilliant 2010 new year ! luv you loads xxx xxx

  26. Congratulations Jenson on being awarded th MBE this is a much better honour than SPOTY Ryan Giggs got it because people were voting 100’s of times because thet backed him to win you were robbed but this is the best one to have so again CONGRATULATIONS

  27. Hi Jensen
    Anne and I enjoyed having lunch with you on Saturday 12December at Cafe de Paris in Monte Carlo. Well not quite we were two tables away, but it was great to see you looking very content.
    I need say no more about what has been happening to you over the last week or so suffice to say England appears to be full of football supporting drongos with no concept the worth of what a true champion like you has achieved.
    Although I am a Scot and of course A D.C. fan I am truly proud of you .
    I wish you a successful 2010 season although I share the same concerns as Jackie Stewart regarding your new team and look forward to an exciting season and much more of your superbe driving in the same manner as you clinched the 2009 one. Those overtaking moves were some of the best ever seen.

  28. Jenson
    You were robbed on Sunday night at SPOTY no disrespect to Ryan Giggs but I
    thought you won the award becuse of your achievments the previous 12 months,
    to say he looked shipish it reminded me of Austria 2002. Anyway congrats for
    2009 I never lost faith well maybe a bit after quali in Brazil, good luck for 2010 and back to back championships.


  29. Well Jenson this says it all Brawn didn’t want to give you the money you wanted because if they gave it to you they would have to spend less on developement and upgrades so how can they even contemplate giving Schumacher £20.million to drive for them they obviously wanted you out dispite them saying they wanted you to stay you are well rid

  30. What a bummer Jens.,Fancy being beaten by a dozy footballer. Didnt he look “everso umble”.Reminded me of Uriah Heap on a bad day, Never mind there’s always next year and the championship as well, cause your spoiled brat of a team mate aint gonna win it thats for sure, would love to see him throw his toys out of the pram. See you at Silverstone.

  31. hi jenson , you might have not won sports personality. but you will always be my 100% number 1. luv you loads xxxxx

  32. I think that you deserved the award, you will just have to settle for the championship this year!

    good luck for 2010 all the best

  33. Jenson – you were just well and truely robbed on SPOY, I will boycott it for the rest of it’s lifetime as you are far and away the most worthy winner

  34. hi jenson saw you last night on jonathan ross, good luck at sports personality, its great this year because sheffield is my home town . couldnt get a ticket because it had sold out. but i will watch it on tv and record it. fingers cross you win. luv you loads xxx

  35. Hi Jenson Congratulations on winning Auto Sport International Racing Driver of the Year and British Competition Driver all you need now is Sports Personality of the year and it will be a full house so GOOD LUCK

  36. Hello Jenson. Congratulations on your success. I am writing to you to enquire if it would be possible for you to send a signed photograph to or even make a visit to Lashkar Gah in Afghanistan. I have a friend who is currently serving in the Army out there and I know that his Unit are massive fans of F1 and naturally have missed out on a lot of your action whilst out there. They are due back for R & R in February so will be spending Christmas out there also.

    I know that if it was possible for you to do this it would lift their spirits immensely and they would all be so grateful.

    You can get in touch with them at the following address via a bluey that you can obtain from any Post Office and postage is free of charge.


    Please please make their Christmas as special as it can be.

    Many thanks.

    Anna Bell

  37. .congratulations jenson. on winning the british driver award . at autosport awards. you looked gorgeous in your suit. luv you more now ! xxxxxxxx

  38. hi jenson, you did great this year.next year just concentrate on the car next season, leave compay poltics to younger people an stay cool if any prbs happen

  39. Hi Jenson, Have bought your 2010 calender very nice Lovely pics of a very handsome young man will give me pleasure each month looking at you

  40. Dear Jenson
    Just a quick line to add to all the other congratulations you have already deservedly received. I have sat at home, and at Silverstone, for years hoping that one day you would have equipment (like Nigel Mansell eventually got) to show everyone what you can do and at last we saw it after the most unexpected senario we have seen in F1 for many a year. Now you have to show us you can do it against Lewis, that’s not going to be easy and evryone seems to think he has the edge! I’m relying on you to show them they are wrong and the World Champion can do it again. Yes!! I wish you all the very best and hope to see a few more wins next year – you have a little catching up to do in the win stakes (doesn’t do you justice) and if it can be anything like last year, then you can soon be putting your name up there amongst the greats. Have a great year – we can’t wait.
    Give my regards to your family and especially your Dad, we all felt for him and he must be so proud.

    Best Wishes
    PS I shall be getting my replica car to add to Nige’s and they will sit in the study with pride!

  41. Sad to see the fairytale team split but what better than an all British team? When are you coming back to Frome? my son and I would love to be part of your home coming. Congratulations

  42. Was Jenson right in signing for McLaren, how much longer should he have been waiting for Brawn Mercedes to put pen to paper and sign him up, or not!

    So should Jenson have waited around for Brawn for a few more weeks, only to find that the last remaining top drives were taken, with the only option left at Brawn on their terms, I think not. I think Brawn has shown Jenson true business loyalty, there ain’t none in business, who do they think they are questioning Jenson loyalty – when its obvious they were trying to hang him out to dry.

    Jenson gave enough away last year by reducing his wage, I for one am glad he has signed for another team, a good one at that, sure he is in for difficult times, but he is a goods driver and he will cope with the situation well.

    Excellent result for Jenson for 2009, world champ and signed for a top team, a team that turned the worst car on the track to the best within the season.

    Good luck Jenson, enjoy 2010 and the money you get.

  43. Brian Yates what are you talking about? Brawn Mercedes have completely mishandled the negotiations with Jenson Button and come out of this very badly in my humble view. A PR disaster for them in fact which leaves a strong impression of questionable morality. Nick Fry’s outbursts are undignified and chock full of sour grapes. I think Jenson has made a spot on right decision to go to Mclaren which is a team with a big heart and a collosal history. Had he stayed at Brawn Mercedes he could have been a victim of the same sense of anti-climax which has negatively impacted so many first time world champions in the following season. At Mclaren as he recognises he will have a renewed and vigorous challenge in the form of Lewis Hamilton which will be entirely positive for him. Lewis is probably the best F1 driver in the world right now and Jenson knows that so he goes with eyes wide open. It promises to be the most fascinating season for a long time and Button could edge it on tyre management and consistency. I wish both of the guys all possible success. We want an English one two and I don’t care which way round it is. I remain disappointed in Brawn Mercedes.

  44. Well done Jenson WORLD CHAMPION. richly deserved. When Brawn first came on the scene with you as 1 driver I was delighted, in fact I sent £50 towards running costs for the new company. now I feel robbed. YOU HAVE BETRAYED BRAWN ,WHO GAVE YOU YOUR CHANCE TURNED YOUR BACK ON FORMULA 1 AND GONE MONEY GRUBBING SHAME ON YOU! THIS IS NOT THE SIGN OF A TRUE SPORTSMAN!!Do you really understand what a million pounds can do or are you so lost in the upmarket world that you are out of touch with the real world. Do you really need these millions? I ve lived quite comfortably without for 70 years and proud of my achievements and I would be ashamed of myself if I had done what you have done(Iwouldnt)Whatever happened to loyalty?Like a lot of other virtues in todays world GONE!!!! though perhaps you are too young to understand DISAPPOINTED IN YOU JENSON

  45. I’m thrilled that you’ve joined McClaren Jenson. I’ve always supported you through your F1 carreer but now we can find out who is the number 1 british driver next season, but whatever the outcome of your dual with lewis I believe that you two will finish one and two at the end of the season providing McClaren provide you with car you both deserve. Good luck to you both.

  46. The news mungers have said Mr Brawn and Mercedes have said Jenson must not work with his new team until his current contract expires. This can’t be true? Mr Brawn has never had a dummy. So how could he spit one out.



  48. So you think £1million rise was ok Jenson took a cut of £5 million at the start of the season to £3 million and he was offered £4million which is an insult how would you feel only £1 million more it was Mercedes who would not pay Rosberg and Hiedfield are both German what is what Mercedes want

  49. What a surprise the pound signs just looked too good for Jenson to turn down, mercedes only wanting german drivers please, he was given a fair deal by Brawn, lets not forget he’s not being paid peanuts, Rosberg will be as quick and Hamiliton will wipe the floor with him.

  50. reply to Marc Jenson turned his back on Brawn because they only wanted to give him a £1 million pay rise Schui gets more than that for just watching Jenson si WDC and deserves more than that. If Brawn wanted him to say as the kept saying they would have paid him what he was worth with 500.million from Mercedes surely they could afford it.We will see who Brawn Mercedes end up with Rosberg and Heidfield none of whom will make a champion for Mercedes for a few years

  51. just heard you are going to mclaren today.



  52. JB go to Mclaren youve helped out Brawn enough,took a pay cut when needed, stayed loyal when the team Honda,Bar were struggling,
    and lets be totally honest Brawn won the championship because they saw the loophole in the rules first! As for you ,you deserved the luck allways had the talent but never the car as they say luck comes to those who wait, ive no doubt had Jenson been in a ferrari or Mclaren before now he wouldnt have had to wait so long for the title in fact this would probably have been his second or third now,As for Brawn where’s thier loyalty! pay the man what he deserves, Go to Mclaren Jenson and prove like we all know you can win given the right equipment. Dont think for a second Mclaren will struggle again because they wont get caught out twice. Brawn got lucky last year but they will all be level next year.My money is on no Brawn podium for the first 6 races,thier Driver line up will not be good enough!
    Button And Hamilton along with Ferrari will be the teams fighting for honours this year.

  53. Jenson should stay with Braun. Now Mercedes have taken over their priority will be to their own team, its natural. Mclaren will be second in line no matter what is said. Its a kick in the teeth for Mclaren, a backward step IMHO. I will also add that I am afraid Lewis will be No1 and you are going to be up against it on a number of fronts.

    Lets face it you are not struggling to pay the mortgage are you!! 🙂

    Good luck.

  54. I Loved Brawn GP’s sucess in 2009 I was behind them all the way but all things conciddered i think something is a lil off!Where was Daimler (Mercedes-Benz) last year when Honda put the team up for sale? Nowhere! Where was button? Taking a huge pay cut rumored to be 5 million to help Brawn GP get started. And now Brawn/…… Mercedes is not prepared to make a reasonable offer to keep him. god damn the man is WDC £8m is a steal!

    Something tells me this Mercedes deal has been in the pipeline for a while and that “Team Germany” was mercs real intention/ preferance unless they could secure the word drivers champion for peanuts! i also think that Brawn GP may have been made aware of this before the last race of the season, hence no contract for Button as they did not want to loose the Mercedes deal.
    I am a huge supporter of Jenson and also support Hamilton I can’t see an issue with them being part of the same team at McLaren. Ok Jenson will likely play second fiddle to Lewis but I am confident that in a good car Jenson can really perform well. 2009 was the first time (maybe ever) Jenson had been driving potentially a championship winning car, and guess what he won the season!

    Congrats on 2009 and Goodluck for 2010 I can;t wait!

  55. news is jenson is off to McClaren he can’t get the money he wants at Brawn but also Mercedes want German drivers so unfortunately he hasn’t really got a choice. THAT IS NOT THE WAY FOR A COMPANY TO TREAT THE WORLD CHAMPION IT SUCKS

  56. hi jenson please stay with brawngp. you dont want to be driver 2 with mclaren, you want to be car number 1 with brawn, hopefully it will turn out ok. luv you loads xxxxxx

  57. Jenson,
    Jackie Stewart said on the Andrew Marr show don’t go to Mclaren. In my opinion he and a lot of other people are right. Your not going to Mclaren you would be going to Team Hamilton and that’s not the thing to do. Look at thier hostory DC played 2nd fiddle to Hakkinen. Alonso played 2nd fiddle to Hamilton as you would. Hamilton said “I welcomed Alonso to Mclaren” that was trying to get one over on him. The rot came when Hamilton baulked Alonso in the pit lane going out so Alonso did him at a pit stop.Ron Dennis has given a lot to Hamilton and he will want a return on his investment.Dennis is still in charge, also take on board that they cheat and been caught they should have been chucked out, it would be like going into a lions den.

  58. Hey jenson,
    I am so pleased for u this year! Haven’t missed a race and even managed silverstone this year! Followed you with Honda and always been a huge fan. Getting married this year and the tables are named after the F1 teams. Top table is brawn gp and would be so pleased if u would be kind enough to send me a signed photo as I couldn’t get anywhere near at silverstone. Would really set the table off! Keep up the good work n fantastic driving xxxx

  59. Don,t go to team Hamilton Jenson, even if its the fastest car on the grid you will still be Hamiltons number 2 there as would anyone . Stay with Ross and try for a back to back.

  60. hey champ hope you are still on a high from being no1.we read in our local paper that frome town council are trying to find a date when you can come to frome. PLEASE PLEASE make it come true, all of frome would love it if we could see our local hero take care champ helen pearson FROME SOMERSET xxxx

  61. Well done Jenson we always knew you would do it. We have pictures of your first pole and your first win (which happened on our wedding anniversary) and we always left a space on the wall for your first world championship. Now that space has been filled. A fantastic year. Please don’t go to Maclaren next year they don’t deserve you. Jo Appleby xxx

  62. @Pete Thompson. Get a grip dude. Stop slagging off other drivers. Jenson shows drivers respect and if you were a true fan you would do the same.
    As goes for Massa not winning the title last year nothing pleased me more to see the look on Massa’s fathers face when he realised his son was not world champion. Next time they wont be so eager to celebrate prematurly before all title contenders cross the line.


  64. Well done Jenson. All the pupils and staff at Fosse Way knew they were backing a winner when you visited our Special School in Radstock in 2000.
    David Gregory, Headteacher

  65. Hi Jenson,

    Many congratulations on winning the Championship. Yes, I am someone from the past, Trevor Peek from Clandown and I used to do your dad’s engines for Karting.
    Is there any chance I could ask a favour of 4 x signed photos for my grandchildren?? I have followed you through you Karting career and if you are ever in my area please do call in it would be really good to see you. I live at 35, Bath New Road, Radstock, BA3 3ED. I am still working a CFH Continuforms in the old Clarks factory at Westifield and if ever you feel like calling in I would love to introduce you to many of my colleagues who have followed you over the past few years.
    Once again, many congratulations and I hope to see you someday soon.


  66. Well its not just Jenson Button anymore, its Jenson Button WORLD CHAMPION! And boy you deserve it. You have shown the world of Formula 1 how its done. You did brilliantly in Abu Dhabi, with another podium finish. Big Congratulations to you and all the guys at Brawn GP, for an amazing season. BRING ON 2010! x

  67. hi jenson well done with a brilliant race. great to see you on the podium. good luck at race of champions! luv you loads xxxx

  68. Hi Jenson. Job done you must be the happiest guy on the planet. Please don’t go to McClaren you will be 2nd fiddle to Lewis just as Alonso was Have a good year

  69. .good luck. jenson this weekend , you show them ,what a great champion you are. luv you loads. xxx youre a truly a top legend !

  70. Just a quick message to Bailey, your comment may be justified in your eyes,but a least Jenson had to work for it and not have it handed to him on a plate like the numpty that won it last year. That should have been won by P Massa, NO QUESTION!

  71. yeah baby !!!!!! congratulations jenson you deserved this championship. hope this is one of many ‘well done !!!!

  72. Congratulations Jenson on winning the f1 drver championship…your perseverance and commitment has made me stop my lazy ways and get professional in life after i read how you started focusing more on your driving skill and practices than partying…You are a role model to me ..Because we are having the same first name too..Looking forward to your next racing season…

  73. Congratulations on winning the world championship after a fantastic performance, its well worth the wait. Stay with Brawn, Ross will give you the guidance, after all he did it with Schumacher so he knows his stuff. Good luck for 2010.

  74. Stop whinging and stay at Brawn. You spent years in the wilderness for jumping teams and thinking only of yourself. You are indeed lucky to win the world championship when you look at your past behaviour. At least one team (Williams) will never employ you again off your past behaviour and lack of morals.

    Think long and hard before you turn Brawn down. You’ve done it before and only because you have managed to become world champion have you got away with not being “The Guy Who Blew it”

    I don’t care if you stay at Brawn or not. Well done to the whole Brawn team.

  75. Whooooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooo I knew you could do it! WELL DONE! We are so proud of you.Thanks for a great year of racing.See you in Melbourne 2010.YOU will hear me.

  76. jenson don,t go to maclaren ,the hamilton clan will always make you second best .stay with ross he will make you wdc again.

  77. Well done Jenson,
    Frome Canoe Club salutes you, come and join us on a river one day if you ever want a different kind of adrenaline rush and don’t mind getting wet!

  78. jenson

    Please dont go to mclaren they have proved to lack moral fibre and to have favorites You would have nothing to gain and everything to lose.Brawn have shown to be a team with honor and team spirit the best outcome would be a button /Barichelo partnership again with Ross again pushing the team to achieve.

  79. well done jenson on becoming world champion, we all khew you could do it and all your fans never doubted it ever. everyone in frome are very happy for you and we are proud off you. all we want now is for you to come and show us all your trophy and share all are excitment.take care champion !!!!! helen pearson FROME SOMERSET xx

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