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  1. David Hawksworth says:

    Hi I was at Jenson’s first win in Hungary in 2002 and am sorting out my things and came across the original programme and tickets etc and just wondered if anyone would be interested in them?

  2. Hi Jenson
    Not the biggest reader in the world but I couldn’t put your book down,
    Just one brilliant read, thank you
    Would recommend this book to all.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Hi Jenson
    I named my son after you when you won F1 in 2009.
    Couldn’t think of any other heros name that my son could carry. He wears a copy of your F1 hat in the summer.
    If you could send him a msg or something with your signature he would be made up. We are all major F1 and Jenson button fans.

  4. Christopher Shrimpton says:

    I have a friend who is a huge Jenson fan.

    He and i have a Jenson Token that we share – if we coffee/lunch together the one with the token pays so we dont argue!! We then hand the token to the other and they pay next time etc!

    He retires in a few weeks. Would Jenson be able to write a short message to go in his leaving card at work?

    Hope you can help


    Chris Shrimpton

  5. Sami says:

    Hi Jenson,
    I was the first in the que at your book signing at selfridges….. I asked you to write world champ baby, they weren’t happy you laughed so I couldn’t resist but to run around and kiss you…. it’s still online now if you google Jenson button samantha Simpson….
    Unfortunately while my mum
    Was in hospital fighting cancer her house flooded your book was in her basement they got flooded the book was gone.. Id do anything even join your triathlon and raise money for charity ( I’m not a fit person but determined) if I could get you to sign again I’d buy the book I’d pay shipping fees as I know your in US now. But I’ve followed you your whole career you got me into F1……

  6. Lianne Dcruz says:

    Hi Jenson!

    My childhood friend, Sanford Pereira is a HUGE fan of yours. I’m not familiar with the sport, but he and his dad and have watched F1 and especially followed you for years.
    He’s not into racing himself; he’s actually a very talented singer and dancer, and his 22nd birthday is coming up on August 14th.

    It would mean the world to me if you could please like a post on his Instagram (@sanfordpereira7).
    It would truly make him so happy if you could please like a post or send him a DM, as you are tied to be his biggest idol (along with Cristiano Ronaldo).
    Thank you very much, in advance! 🙂

    Lianne Dcruz

  7. Peter Ford - Assistent Headteacher Robert Blake Science College, Bridgwater says:

    Dear Jenson

    I work in a secondary school in a town in Somerset. The school has approximately 800 students, who we hope that each and every one will reach their potential. Staff work incredibly hard to ensure that this takes place, however, one of the key battles we face as a school is that many of our children are from the most deprived part of Somerset; we have to constantly keep trying to raise aspiration of students and their families.

    We hope to motivate and raise aspiration of our children is by recognising all that they achieve and celebrating in their success. Having started as Assistant Headteacher at the school in September 2017 I have overseen the way we used to do this, and would like to make this more of an ‘event’. Historically, this would have been very different to what I would like to organise. I would like to hold celebration evenings of our children where families are informal and enjoyable, but most importantly with someone who is both inspirational and local to present awards to the children as well as make closing remarks. The intention of this is that we could truly make this a moment that children remember, and will be thrilled to have their picture with this person. As well as being able to take away a picture and award I wish them to leave with a clear vision that they can go on to achieve great things, irrespective of background.

    Our evenings will be held on the 18th and 20th July 2019, for 11-12 year olds and 13-15 year olds respectively. I would like to invite you to be our guest who would present and inspire our children. You are from Somerset and can really send a great message out to our young people. If there is any way that you might be willing to attend one or both of these evenings, which take place from approximately 6pm- 8pm, we would be thrilled to welcome you to (name of school specified in details given) and share in the successes of our children.

    Kind regards,

    (name specified in details given)

  8. Hi Janson,
    We would like to invite you our triathlon race!
    We organise the best Hungarian middle distance competition, and our dream is that our competitors can race with a star like you! Your first win in F1 was in Hungary, so we hope you have good memories about our country. You can find contacts on the website to us. Best regards, Agoston

  9. It is my wife’s 60th Birthday on 7th January 2018. She is a great fan and has been following JB for years, we went to the very first GP in Bahrain on 04/04/2004 – it was brilliant. I wish to buy the new book ‘Life to the Limit’ and she would be over the moon if JB could write a small message in the front wishing Sally a Happy 60th Birthday and autograph. Please advise how I can arrange this, I live in Paphos, Cyprus. Thank you in advance.

  10. Jimmy Winstanley says:

    Hi Jenson I have been a fan of yours for a few years now I recently purchased a limited edition print of you when you won the world championship with braun. I was wanting to get it signed by you & wondered about the best way to go about it? Please can you give me some info on how to it signed by you. Many Thanks Jimmy Winstanley

  11. Douglas says:

    Hello Jenson

    I live in Chateau Gontier in France which I hope you know? is the twinned with Frome, every year they have a triathlon. This year’s is the 30th July still open for entries but probably too late for you, maybe next year.

    You could visit Frome Square.

    Kind Regards


  12. Barbara Gouin says:

    Sue you may be better asking his PA I do not know if he reads these messages

  13. Sue Dowding says:

    Hi Jenson,
    I’m a big fan with a small request . We are opening a new salon and Spa at the Clay pigeon carting circuit at Wardon hill .I know you are still a great fan of the venue that set you on your path to Formula 1 . We would love you ,for old times sake ,to consider opening this great venue for us . Dates have yet to be confirmed ,this is just to see if it’s something you would consider doing for us and for the owners of the circuit and hotel ..
    Many thanks
    Sue Dowding

  14. Robin Newhouse says:

    It’s not the winning that really matters – just taking part!
    Your Father would be so proud of you taking part in Monaco this weekend .. you are there firstly because you are qualified by your racing history, and secondly, because the team want you to be there and compete for them! How well you do is in some way disconnected from your efforts – the car, the team’s race strategy for the race and even the car itself can conspire to stop you from being rewarded with a podium place for you to savour! So here’s wishing you a fair ‘crack of the whip ‘ .. after that .. it’s all down to you .. so ‘Have a Ball!’ Things happen in life for various reasons . Sometimes good, sometimes bad .. so here’s wishing you the former … and the Best of Luck!

  15. Maria says:

    OMG am so excited you will be taking the grid at Monaco

    I am licky enough to be celebrating our anniversary with a day trip to Monaco to watch the race.

    Poor man seats unfortunately but hopefully get a chance to see you.

    Good luck Jenson

    Has always been our dream to attend a Grand Prix, it has only taken 25 years anniversary to get us there!

    Now celebrating our boy is back in the race so exciting!

    Please make our dreams all come true at once and if possible can we have an autograph

    See you in Monaco Jenson, in person would be absolutely awesome, although we know this is not possible, so wish you the best of luck xxx

  16. Barbara says:

    Please do Monaco Jenson,I have stopped watching F1 because you are not on the grid if you take the seat I will watch the race

  17. David Marsden says:

    Yes, Jenson, pop down to Monaco & drive!! I’m sorry, but F-1 is boring without you!!

  18. Graeme B says:

    P L E A S E take Alonso’s seat for Monaco ……….!
    You’re missed on the grid by us all

    lifetime fan – Graeme B

  19. Tony says:

    Jenson Jhappy Birthday
    Tony Jackson met with your father at a dinner

  20. Hello,

    I had a question for you. I’m a big fan of you Jenson and I have a question for you. Can you make an autographed card of you and if it’s possible, can you give me the instructions to have one please?

    Thank you very much! 🙂

    Know that for me it is very important to have my idols!

  21. David Marsden says:

    Formula I will not be the same after Abu Dhabi, we are going to be missing a true Gentleman of the sport. Best of luck with your future endeavours, Jenson….
    My wife and I have been long time fans, from the heady, Brawn days to the less spectacular times of recent seasons, I think you’d have been better off in Del Boy’s Reliant Robin.
    The picture my wife had taken with you at a very wet Austin will be treasured forever.
    Good Luck Jenson,

    David & Lacey Marsden

  22. Denise says:

    Hi Jenson

    Both my husband and I have followed you from the very beginning of your amazing career. You give very honest and accurate comments and have time for all the public not just your fans. You have always been an amazing driver and we wish you well for the future path you take. We have also supported Alonzo and I am sure he will miss you. We have always supported the Grand Prix, but it will not be the same with out you. Get Mark Webber to get you into his team for next years Le Mons You are the right person for it. I wish you every good luck for the future and I personally will miss you.



  23. George Taylor says:

    Hi Jenson , I have been a fan for many years , I’ve been to silverstone many times to hopefully get to meet you . I’m from Salisbury , not far from your home town frome, my son is also a big fan his name is Jenson and is mad about f1 and you . We wrote to mclaren last year to hopefully get to meet you but did not receive any reply . I was taken ill with cancer and had most of my insides taken away , I’m clear at the moment which is very good news but we have all gone through hell for such a long time . I would give anything to make my son jensons dreams come true as you never know what is going to happen in the future . It would make us all so happy to meet you , what do you think ?

  24. Anna morgan says:

    Hi jenson. I know you are busy but my 2 year old son had a bleed on his brain when he was born and he as got lots of problems and he as got to have a op very soon and he is only quiet when f1 on. I was wondering if you could send something out to him please. Good luck for this weekend

  25. barbara says:

    Hope practice goes ok and glad the powers that be listened and went back to 2015 qualifying

  26. barbara says:

    I agree, why is Rupert Murdoch allowed to take over everythng, mind you the way F1 is going nobody will be watching it anyway with all the stupid rules

  27. Nick fairbanks says:

    So sad Farewell F1 from 2019. I have enjoyed this sport since 1975. Bernie is bonkers to go exclusive pay per view. I could never afford Sky and like many will turn to another form of Motorsport. I have followed your progress and been delighted in your skills and attitude,well done mate. Bye bye. Nick

  28. Dear Jenson & Team

    Firstly as a huge fan I’m looking forward to the 2016 opening race at Melbourne next weekend, and wish you all the very best.

    I know that your team, and PR department will be extremely busy being the start of a new season, but I would appreciate if you would take 5-minutes to read this message.

    My name is Gary, a software support engineer for a technical support group (TSG) at Wessex Water Services Ltd in Somerset, and part of a team “Wessex TSG – Tears, Sweat & Glory” that has entered into this year’s PLOD – Cotswolds Way 40 mile Midnight walk on June 11th 2016.

    My aim is to raise £2000 for the action medical research for children a charity that’s close to my heart, and would appreciate if you would take five minutes to visit our link below:

    As a Huge Jenson Button & McLaren team fan I would like to ask if there was any chance of some PR material available for our team i.e. hats, t-shirts etc. that we could not only use along the way but also at our PR event on the finishing line.
    If you would like to make a donation for our special cause it would be extremely appreciated by not only the team but more so by the children for which the medical research is needed.
    I can appreciate you probably receive thousands of requests such as this, but the support by McLaren would be welcomed by the charity, and embraced by myself as long term fan.
    Please support our cause & help us to achieve our target.

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this message.

    The TSG Team

    Gary Griffiths
    Software Engineer
    Technical Services Support Leader
    South West

    Mobile: +44 (0)7867390732

  29. Terry Woods says:

    My granddaughter Lynzie Jade Woods is 18 on Sunday 13th March. She has just been diagnosed with Acute myeloid leukaemia and is in the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. This will be the 1st race of yours she has missed in Melbourne. A hello from you would really lift her spirits. I could pass it on

  30. Keith says:

    good evening,
    forgive me for getting in touch. I am aware that you are probably inundated with odd requests. I know this too will fall on deaf ears. I am due to marry my fiancee in early April 2016, she is a huge F1 fan and has been for a number of years before I met her. As you can probably tell her No1 driver is of course Jenson. I would love for her to meet Jenson personally but obviously that task would be completely impossible. I was wondering whether it would be possible that I could ask if there was a momento that Jenson could donate to my fiancee to treasure. Rest assured there would be no danger of such an item being sold for a “quick buck”. It would indeed be treasured.

    many thanks for anything you can do.

    thanks again


  31. Barbara says:

    For some reason my browser will not show it

  32. Kevin says:

    Santander – I have seen the new advert, and love your t-shirt could you tell me where can I purchase one?



  33. Barbara says:

    Contact hopefully she will be able to help you

  34. Hi there message for jules jensons PA. Not sure best way to find out how I can invite a special guest to Mr partners 40th in 3 years time a long time away but would be great to speak to someone to show for a short while. Jenson is his favourite always at Sliverstone great fan he is I’ve converted also ha. If possible to discuss best way to diary or if it is possible at all. My number is 07518 577545. I work for EEF who looks after the companies HR also F1 have been involed in EEfS manufacturing confrences at the QE11 London.

    Kind regards

  35. Barbara says:

    Missing you on twitter JB please come back soon

  36. Barbara says:

    Hi Jenson, so sorry to hear your marriage has failed keep your chin up your fans are with you always

  37. Cheryl and Mum says:

    Hello Jenson So so pleased your racing next year me & my mum are Jenson F1 nuts !!! Lost my Dad in March this year and I asked Mum (82) if she could choose anythink to do what would it be .She said to see Jenson race again!!! So we booked Monaco next year.Hoping you can make it special. See you in Monaco xx

  38. Barbara says:

    Chris Wolff If your idea is so good send it to McLaren/Honda

  39. chris woolf says:

    Jenson, Iv’e had an idea to do with brakes on a F1 car, that if it’s allowed could be a winner. I’m telling you because if your team used my idea I think I could rely on you to make sure I got paid
    and I would like to see you benifit.

  40. Lisa adams says:


    I don’t know if you do look at these pages but hear it goes, you are the reason I watch F1 and it will be a sad day when ever you decide to leave the sport.
    It would make my dreams come true to meet you face to face, but it’s starting to look unlikely. I’m a single mum so can not afford paddock f1 tickets or things like that, I can only hope one day to get to meet you. Even if it’s 10 years down the line I will not stop till that day because you made me love f1 and that will never change because of you and neather will my dream in meeting you one day.
    I even named my son after you, will always follow no matter where life takes you. X

  41. Barbara says:

    Steve A good way to meet Jenson is the Festival Of Speed at Goodwood in the F1 paddock look it up on-line for dates and ticket prices

  42. Steve Roberts says:

    Hello Jenson

    First of all I have to say how much I admire you as a great British sportsman. Through difficult times you always come across positive and optimistic. My first love is speedway which I have followed all my life and dabbled in riding some years ago. But now an equal first love for me is F1. The two sports are similar in as much that rule changes do have a detrament to the show.

    The thing that makes me quite obsessed is the technical side of F1. I take as much interest in the build up coverage on sky sports as much as the race. I am quite sure you get thousands of requests to meet you but I thought if you do not ask you don’t get.

    It would be a highlight of my sporting life if there was an opportunity to meet you. If i had the funds I would find a way to get to see the operation first hand on a practice day but I simply don’t. The only thing I could offer is for you to join me as a guest at Coventry Speedway to watch a meeting. I am a good friend of the owner so would ensure you are looked after in our hospitality suite and ensure you are left alone. Can’t guarantee that our fans wouldn’t be after an autograph or two but you have always made time for your fans. I know Mark Webber is an avid fan and seen him a few times over the years.

    Whatever happens you are an awesome driver and role model for any sportsman. I cannot wait to see you back in a competitive race car and battling for the top spots each race.

    Fame has changed alot of drivers….I honestly think you are an exception to that and one of the most down to earth sporting stars I can remember. Your a credit to Britain.

    Very best wishes


  43. Barbara says:

    A so-so day no points but at least you finished the race, must be very frustrating . lets hope things are better in Brazil

  44. Barbara says:

    Bad luck with quali JB lets hope they get the car sorted for the race tomorrow

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